Out and About!

Before I get going  I was wondering if anyone has had any problems with my posts crashing?  One lovely reader gets about halfway through reading my posts on her phone when the page crashes.  I do have a mobile compatible layout but if there’s a general problem I’ll look into changing it.

Well now for a little catch up.  We had the most gorgeous weather at the beginning of last week,  a little teaser that spring was on its way,


actually it felt like it was here but then we were back to chilly dark days again but then I guess that is probably a more accurate reflection of the British weather at this time of year. Then again today has been so gorgeous that Abi and her cousin went to the beach and knowing them they are sure to have had a paddle at the least!  (yes they did!!)
Last Monday, to make the most of the sunshine Abi and I decided to take a picnic down to the beach at Bexhill on the way to an appointment I had at nearby.


We found a little spot next to the break water that was sheltered from the wind and once I had buried the dog mess next to us it was just amazing.


Sitting quietly with no one else around,  enjoying the beauty and listening to gentle breaking of the waves.

I had thought to put sun block on, (I am photosensitive and the sun makes my lupus flare and gives me a rash) but I forgot to take a hat.  I wasn’t too worried as I didn’t think the sun would be too hot but after a while I borrowed Abi’s beanie. Unfortunately the sun was stronger than I thought so the rest of the week I paid for it but you do know what?  It was worth it,  it really was.  Those quiet moments together don’t come often enough and it was just such a lovely time.
We also managed to catch another little bit of time outside but this time it was a lot colder.  Josh had an appointment in Eastbourne so we put my wheelchair in the car and on the way we called into Hampden Park, you may remember it from this post.  It’s in the village where I grew up and I have many fond memories of walks there especially on Sunday mornings with Dad, feeding the ducks.

Josh enjoyed playing by the stream


I was busy making the most of the tree skeletons before they grow their new leaves.  I love the tree skeletons, in fact it’s become a bit of a family joke as I always comment on the trees when we go out for a drive!

and enjoyed seeing some of the old trees that I remember from when I was a little girl.

I used to love playing about on the tree roots and now it’s great to see Josh enjoying them too. (I sound really old now!)

We ended up at the swings where Josh soon disappeared into the distance and Abi had just as much fun on the swings. It was lovely just to be outside enjoying the park.

Saturday Hubby also took Josh to the skate park for the first time where he had great fun on his scooter.

Hubby had a go and of course he went flying!  Thankfully only his pride and his jeans were hurt!!

So that concluded our week on the out and about front.  I have some crafty bits to share with you soon but Abi is now off for a week and with the Easter hols I may not be about much for a couple of weeks, I guess that may well depends on what the weather does!!

Wishing all a very Happy Easter and Happy Crafting!

Sharon x






22 thoughts on “Out and About!

  1. Lovely post Sharon. And lovely photos too! I often have difficulty looking at WordPress on my phone – posts do crash but it’s not just yours, it’s a common occurrence for me which is frustrating. For me, reading blog posts is definitely a better experience on the traditional PC. 🙂

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  2. Great pictures Sharon – I love the second one of the breakwater, beautiful. Two great trips out. What a shame that you suffered from the sun. We have had some beautiful weather here and it has been lovely to sit outside again – especially with a glass of sherry after a long afternoons work in the garden! Next week we are off to Taunton for 10 days so sadly the predicted weather change will coincide with our visit. Have a great Easter weekend Sharon. xx

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  3. It is so easy to underestimate the powers of the sun at the best of times but with lupus and photosensitivity it’s even worse. Other people cannot appreciate how much the outdoors can affect us. It takes me days to recover too. I love being in the garden so it is difficult to juggle. I hope you have an easy week so you can schedule more rest into your days. The good thing is that you now have some happy memories of your beach time to relive in your mind while you are resting. If you are going to be tired, at least be tired for doing something fun! 😉 x

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    1. I’m right with you there Jodie. It’s the constant assessing of whether something is worth the suffering afterwards and that time with Abz on the beach had been worth every minute of it. Somebody I follow on periscope said recently ‘ we only have this moment ‘ I want to really live that, within my limits where I can, stepping out of them if I feel is worth it 😃


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