Playing with Colour.

Do you remember that gorgeous bunch of flowers that Abi gave me for my birthday?

They were so beautiful, especially the lilies that it seemed a shame to just throw them away so I decided to use them to dye some yarn.

I have dyed with natural dyes before so I knew that there  are often surprises along the way and I wasn’t disappointed!

I stripped the flowers just before they died off, chopped them up and boiled them for a couple of hours. While the flowers were boiling I prepared the yarn.


I had put the stamen into the pot too and knowing how much Lily stamen stain I was thinking I might get a bit of an orangey pink for the colour.

Well, the first surprise was that the spoon went bright yellow while the water was pink.

Once I started to dye the yarn it turned quite orange, a lot more orange than I thought and to be honest, a lot more orange than I wanted, although considering the ratio of stamen to flowers I should have guessed that one as the stamen stain so much.  Sadly the photo of the yarn at this stage seems to have gone for a wander 😦

Finally came the time to wash the yarn.  Here was the biggest and best surprise because most of the orange washed right out and I was left with a gorgeous flamingo pink!

Those stamen stained everything else, the carpet, my jumper and even my face but not the yarn!!  Not that I was complaining, I love the colour now 🙂

I was now a bit concerned that the dye may not be colourfast so I rinsed it as I usually do until the water ran clear and then left it to dry completely.  I then washed the yarn again to double check its colour fastness and was pleased that not a single bit of colour washed out.

I would love to dye with lilies again (hint for more flowers Abi if you’re reading this) as the colour it produced was just gorgeous.  I would also like to try and re-create the colour with my acid dyes.

This skein of yarn is now available in my Etsy shop (inspirationalyarns).  Oh yes, you can get 10% off your first order too with the code ‘firstorder10’ if you’re interested.

I hope you’re all enjoying your week so far, mine is a typical holiday week, the house is a mess with muddy footprints and dirty shoes littering the conservatory floor but Josh is having fun and that’s what hols are all about 🙂  Josh has a friend round today so I took the opportunity to jump on the laptop quick and say Hi!  I shall try to get around to posting again next week if I can.

I hope those of you with school holidays have a lovely time with your children and that all of you lovely peeps have a very happy and creative week.

Sharon xx





33 thoughts on “Playing with Colour.

  1. What a lovely shade of pink indeed, Sharon! Did you use any type of mordant? I’m surprised so many other items stained yellow but not the yarn… very interesting!


  2. That’s so interesting about the colour from the stamens. I would have thought what you thought too. I love the final colour. I really want to get into using natural dyes to dye yarns. Better have a word with husband and daughters about pink lilies needing to be present when they buy flowers. Thank you for the inspiration xxx

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  3. Great thinking and what a beautiful result! My dad often buys me flowers (not my husband though :0( ) so i could try this…. does it work with any flowers and what yarn do you use?

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    1. Thanks Wendy. I think most vibrant flowers will give an element of colour. You need to simmer the petals for 2 hours to get the colour out. The yarn needs to be simmered in water and vinegar at a 4 to 1 ratio. Then gently simmer the yarn in the strained flower water for 1 hour. I used a superwash undyed wool. X


  4. That is so cool, Sharon! Flamingo Pink is faaabulous! 🙂
    You had me in suspense with the stamen in the mix too. I am so glad you had such a happy outcome although I am quite partial to orange and it wouldn’t have been a total disaster if it had turned out orange. Did you need to use any other ingredient to ‘fix’ the colour(s) to the yarn? Congratulations on your success and I wish I had the budget to purchase your latest creation. (I am on a self-imposed ban of buying yarn until I use up stash.) Thanks for sharing the results. 🙂

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    1. Hi Jodie. I love the outcome but like you I do like orange although it was a very unusual shade of orange! I wish I could have found the photo to show you all.
      I used vinegar to fix the dye. I’ve explained in more detail in reply to another comment of you’re interested. I’m not on a yarn ban but I am trying to stash bust as much as poss this year 😊 x


  5. What a lovely color and reminder of the flowers you received as a gift. Have started my Trillian shawl with the “Linda” yarn you dyed and have received so many positive comments on the color. You really have a beautiful eye for color. Salam wa sa’aadah.

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    1. Hi Linda, great to hear from you again 😃. It was so much fun using the flowers to dye with! I’m glad you’re enjoying the yarn, I was pleased with the colourway. I hope you enjoy working with it, I would love to see a photo when you’ve finished! I am hoping to start a shawl with the yarn you sent me today. I have a couple of ideas in mind and would love to design a crochet pattern for it 😃 Have a great week. X


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