It’s been a while since I caught you up on my wip’s progress.  I don’t seem to be finishing much at the moment although I did finish the shawl I was designing and I love it.  I am waiting for a sunny day when Abi is free to model it for me.


I’ve just begun a test crochet of the same pattern in the yarn I received in the yarn swap plus possibly some drops baby merino.


I have used some more unusual stitches which makes the pattern really interesting and I’m hoping to include lots of pictures and instructions for those.  They’re not difficult just not the more common stitches.

I shall be looking for some test crocheters in a couple of weeks so if you have the time and you’re interested just let me know. (I’ll be showing more photos soon.)

My socks are making rather slow progress but they are progressing little by little.


I’ve also picked out the yarn for the next pair which I’m hoping to crochet!


My local yarn shop had this heart and sole yarn on sale so I bought a couple of balls.

Josh’s blanket is also on a go slow.  My resolve to crochet a row a day hasn’t materialized but I have managed about 3 rows a week!

I also picked my patchwork blanket back up and made a few triangles while I was at a friends recently.


I love all my wips but there just doesn’t seem to be the creative time lately.  I know that a lot of this is because I am putting creative time and energy into my Etsy shop. I love making the bags and dyeing the yarn but I don’t tend to blog much about it is as that is not really what this space is about but if you are interested just click here to go and take a look, if you would like to buy anything you can get 10% off your first order by using the code ‘firstorder10’.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the week and have lots of Happy Crafting time 🙂

Sharon xx


A Strange Week!

It’s been a strange few days here.  As I mentioned last time, my Uncle had a severe stroke, (thank you all for your kind messages and thoughts), sadly he passed away on Sunday. He was such a lovely person, so kind and gentle.  It was a tough time, especially visiting as he was in the same hospital and ward that my Dad (his brother) passed away in, also from a stroke less than two years ago and a lot of memories came flooding back.  It’s hard knowing that my cousins and Aunty are now going through the heartache that we felt when Dad passed away.

During the week he was in hospital my cousin’s children came to us for the day a couple of times and one day we took the youngest to a local sheep centre which has the biggest variety of breeds in the world.


It is only open for a few months of the year, once for lambing and then again for shearing.

There are so many breeds to see which was incredibly interesting.

There were little blackboard sheep with the details of breed and number of lambs for each pen.

Some of them were housed with their lambs in a gorgeous old flint barn.

The sheep were incredibly friendly and very eager to sample the food that you could buy from the shop to feed them with.


The children were able to bottle feed a lamb for a minute or two, the queue was so long, we waited 3/4 hour!!

We were also able to see a couple of lambs being born which was fascinating and also rather amusing as the mums got in a bit of muddle.


They were lambing near to each other. The further sheep had her lamb first, the other one had just got the head of hers out when she got up and walked to the other sheep’s lamb and started licking it.


Then she lay down again and gave birth to her own


at which point the first mum came over and licked her lamb and within minutes they had swapped lambs.


Somebody went to find the farmer and he went in and put them back near the correct lamb moving one a little further away but no sooner was his back turned than they were both with one lamb and the other was alone bleating pitifully!


IMG_3439After a while the farmer came back and had to take one of the lambs and its mother away to another pen so that they could bond with the correct lamb.

There were some Southdowns sheep and lambs and just so many different breeds.

There were also a few other animals there.

Another very interesting thing was a lady spinning with all sorts of colours of wool to spin with.


I am thinking maybe we need to go again at shearing time and see if they sell any of their fleeces to the public!

Not a lot of crafting has been done over the Easter Hols but I do have some wips to show you soon.  I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx


Lovely packages and a KAL

I have so much I want to talk to you all about but at the moment I seem to be struggling to find the time to post!  Today I have a few minutes spare so I wanted to hop on and tell you all about the most wonderful package I received in the post last month. (if you follow me on Instagram @inspirationalyarns you will already have seem a peep!)

I took part in the yarn swap organised by Mina from the knitting expat podcast (Interruption here to go and clean cat mess off of Josh’s football!!!  Cats are lovely all the time they do not use our garden as a toilet.)

Back again, that was totally disgusting. So, back to the yarn swap, it was such fun.  The rules were that you were paired with someone from another country and that you sent each other yarn local to you and some other local goodies.  I was paired with a lovely lady called Linda from  California. I was so excited packing up her goodies that I completely forgot to take photos but I sent her various local bits, chocs, fudge, notepad, fridge magnet and a few bits I had made, a project bag, herb sachet and yarn dyed in her favourite colours and I can’t remember what else! What I really wanted to share though was the amazing package Linda sent me!

I have to start with the yarn, she was so generous and sent me two super-soft merino 100g skeins.  The brown one is from a local dyer to Linda in California and the other was from Linda’s stash and came from Dubai when she lived there which I thought was really exciting as I now have yarn from two different countries.


Then of course there are the other goodies!  The chocolate bars and See’s candies chocolates were again local and the See’s candies were just the best chocs I have ever tasted and the bars weren’t far off! Also some ‘original’ jelly beans which are made local to Linda. Then there was a very special notecard of handmade paper that Linda had bought from a local artist while she was abroad just two weeks before the area was hit by an earthquake which was rather special to receive and I just can’t bring myself to use it.  There was also another notebook, two pencils and some sticky flags which are already proving very useful and two lovely bags, one with I love knitting symbols and a Trader Joe’s bag which started in California and is just perfect for my grocery shopping. Lastly there was a lovely soft hand knitted washcloth and soap saver.  These are just brilliant.  I have crocheted some for the children but I haven’t yet made any for myself so I was thrilled to get these.  I have seen patterns for soap savers but never made one but they are fantastic, I love using it in the shower with my favourite bar of soap!  Linda was just so generous and the package was just overwhelming.

So, what am I planning to make with the yarn?  Well, I am hoping to design a crochet shawl pattern for them.  I have just ordered a silver grey to use with them so as soon as that arrives I shall get started.  I have a few ideas sketched out so I think my current design will go on the back burner as I would like to join in Mina’s yarn kal – knit along (or crochet along for me).

All you need to do to participate is to knit or crochet something with yarn from another country.  Oh yes, I also sent a package to Mina as a thank you and included some yarn and a project bag for a giveaway and on her podcast last week she said that these would be used as a prize for the yarn kal.  The yarn is the same colourway as the one I dyed special for Linda and is called ‘Linda’, so if you fancy joining in you have the opportunity to win some of my hand dyed yarn and a project bag.

I have my sister-in-law coming soon so I must dash but I hope you all have a lovely week and if you could spare a thought for my dear Uncle who had a severe stroke yesterday, less than two years after his brother (my Dad) died from a massive stroke.  He appears stable at the moment but is unable to move one side or talk.

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx