A Strange Week!

It’s been a strange few days here.  As I mentioned last time, my Uncle had a severe stroke, (thank you all for your kind messages and thoughts), sadly he passed away on Sunday. He was such a lovely person, so kind and gentle.  It was a tough time, especially visiting as he was in the same hospital and ward that my Dad (his brother) passed away in, also from a stroke less than two years ago and a lot of memories came flooding back.  It’s hard knowing that my cousins and Aunty are now going through the heartache that we felt when Dad passed away.

During the week he was in hospital my cousin’s children came to us for the day a couple of times and one day we took the youngest to a local sheep centre which has the biggest variety of breeds in the world.


It is only open for a few months of the year, once for lambing and then again for shearing.

There are so many breeds to see which was incredibly interesting.

There were little blackboard sheep with the details of breed and number of lambs for each pen.

Some of them were housed with their lambs in a gorgeous old flint barn.

The sheep were incredibly friendly and very eager to sample the food that you could buy from the shop to feed them with.


The children were able to bottle feed a lamb for a minute or two, the queue was so long, we waited 3/4 hour!!

We were also able to see a couple of lambs being born which was fascinating and also rather amusing as the mums got in a bit of muddle.


They were lambing near to each other. The further sheep had her lamb first, the other one had just got the head of hers out when she got up and walked to the other sheep’s lamb and started licking it.


Then she lay down again and gave birth to her own


at which point the first mum came over and licked her lamb and within minutes they had swapped lambs.


Somebody went to find the farmer and he went in and put them back near the correct lamb moving one a little further away but no sooner was his back turned than they were both with one lamb and the other was alone bleating pitifully!


IMG_3439After a while the farmer came back and had to take one of the lambs and its mother away to another pen so that they could bond with the correct lamb.

There were some Southdowns sheep and lambs and just so many different breeds.

There were also a few other animals there.

Another very interesting thing was a lady spinning with all sorts of colours of wool to spin with.


I am thinking maybe we need to go again at shearing time and see if they sell any of their fleeces to the public!

Not a lot of crafting has been done over the Easter Hols but I do have some wips to show you soon.  I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx



33 thoughts on “A Strange Week!

  1. I am so sorry for your loss, and extremely happy you were able to make beautiful memories with your cousin’s children. In times of sadness, those moments of joy are so important.

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  2. I’m sorry it’s been such a hard Easter for you and your family and that your uncle’s passing has echoed so strongly your father’s – making it even harder. Good to see you had some quality diversion with the sheep. All the different breeds are so interesting. Farmers are usually really happy to sell fleece to spinners, because they can get a much better price for an individual fleece.

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          1. I don’t pretend to know the half of it – there’s so many different breeds and then of course the bloodline, where they live and even what the weather’s been like can influence the fleece. A good place to start might be to look at the Knitbritish Ravelry group breed swatch along results. And what about looking in the Wovember archives, they might have something useful – but I’m not saying they have.

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  3. Dear Sharon, I’m very sorry to hear about the loss of your family. I’m sure visiting the sheep farm helped a bit, the pictures are lovely and really interesting – especially the old lady spinning in that rustic place, lovely ! Hope you get the fleece you like next time, and wish you a pleasant week ~

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  4. Hi Sharon, I’m a bit behind in blog reading but I am sorry to learn of your loss of your uncle. The visit to the sheep centre looks like the perfect diversion for your young relatives and a little bit of stress-relief for you too. Your story about the mixed up lambs is fascinating. I felt sorry for the little lamb that was left alone, poor thing! Let’s hope it has endeared itself to the right mum by now.

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