Shawl Reveal and Wips

Hi again.  Life seems so busy these days and I feel as though I’ve neglected this little space recently.  I’ve spent the last few weeks with at least one coffee date a week trying to catch up with all my friends.  Also Abi has had a lot of 12 hour shifts lately which means that she only works three days in the week.  It’s meant a lot more time together and I’ve been making the most of it!

A couple of weeks ago on the way to an appointment we called in at Ashburham Place for a photoshoot of my Shawl.  Yes they’re both finished and I’ve worn one or other of them nearly every day since.  Although we live fairly near to Ashburnham Place I had never there before and we’re definitely hoping to go back for a longer visit.  This time we just admired the house from the front and used the beautiful gardens for the photos.




It’s crocheted in 4ply yarn in 2 or 3 colours.  The purple one is made  using yarn that I’ve dyed myself and the Blue version is using the yarn I received in the Knitting Expat yarn swap.

The pattern is being tested at the moment and I’m to release it soon.

I have finally finished the socks I started for Abi in January!  She likes them scrunched down!  The previous two pairs were a mock fairisle pattern, these were just plain stripes in a self striping yarn and I’m not so keen on how much the jogs show in them.


These were my appointment waiting time knitting but all appointments were on time so it was slow going at first,  but then…WARNING, don’t wish for more time to knit when waiting for appointments. I waited 3 hours at the hospital to see my Lupus consultant in London on Friday then another 2 hours waiting for blood tests and an xray!  I signed in fine and had the initial tests done by the nurse and then I waited and waited and waited.  They were warning that they were running very behind but after 3 hours I decided that I had been patient enough and went to ask how much longer I would be waiting.  I had got lost on the computer, somewhere between seeing the nurse and my appointment!!  Still, it gave me plenty of knitting/crochet/reading time and Abi had a lovely wander around London where she was asked for money, saw various sights, came across of a massive queue and realised that she was outside the immigration centre and took some beautiful photos!


Other bits I’ve been working on are Josh’s blanket,


slow progress there, I haven’t stuck to the 1 row a day rule I set myself.

I’ve also now started a bag with the yarn that Abi’s boyfriend gave me for Christmas having ripped out the shawl I had started (and finished)!


And  I have some new socks started but this time they are crochet.


I have just started on the rib and I love how the rib is working out.  I’m using Drops Delight.  I bought several balls of it recently but being a singles it’s not very forgiving of mistakes.  Frogging is not easy at all, in fact, I started the rib and made a mistake and ended up having to throw away what I had done as it was determined NOT to be undone!!

I’ve also made several new bits for my shop

including stitch markers and basket bags.

basket bag animals, letters

I’ve also been working on a new design for something for my shop, I’ll hopefully be able to show you that soon  🙂

So here I am with several wips once again but that’s the way I like it, lots of variety :-).

I hope that you’re all having a lovely and creative week!!

Sharon xx


31 thoughts on “Shawl Reveal and Wips

  1. Wow, the shawls are beautiful and so is the blanket. A row a day seems an easy target to hit at first, but trying to fit any sitting down time can be difficult when you’ve got a family as I well know. Abi makes a beautiful model – she’s a natural:)

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  2. Interested in what you have to say about Drops Delight. You are right about it not being forgiving of mistakes. I gave up trying to knit a pair of socks when I dropped some stitches. Undid it with difficulty and now trying to crochet a pair but not sure I like it very much. My colour is very dark too. Yours looks nicer.

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  3. Beautiful pictures of Abi and the shawl – gorgeous surroundings. Lots of lovely things but I have never heard of crochet socks before so looking forward to seeing how they turn out. xx

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  4. Your shawls look beautiful and so does your model 😉
    Abi’s dress colour complements the shawls very well. It is a beautiful setting and I have very much enjoyed the colours in those photographs (including the socks).
    Lucky you had things to work on while you waited at the hospital but three hours is horrible and then a further two! If only the clinics could tell us that it will be three hours – one could go out for lunch or have a sleep. At least you have some craft results to show for your time so all was not lost. How long will it take you to recover after such a big day? I hope you can get enough rest when you need it.
    Take care xx


    1. Hi again, yes, Abi makes a lovely model but then I guess I am a little biased 😉. It was an amazing setting, We would like to go again when we have more time and explore more of the grounds. I’m not really one for purple but I loved it with the orange.! Yes, it was a long wait, I was able to relax on the train home which helped. It takes several days to get over the day to London but it’s worth it because they are a specialist Lupus unit and really know their stuff and are quite happy to order any tests etc. How are you Jodie? Look after yourself! 😃 xx


      1. I’m all okay, Sharon, thanks for asking. I am sure you have recovered from London by now! Look at the lovely things in your later posts. After dicing with the ‘crash & burn cycle’ for a while, I’ve managed to slow things down. It means I have less time to do all of the stuff I like to do but am getting by. If only the body could keep up with the brain!

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  5. Those shawls are gorgeous, almost as lovely as your Abi!! And what a beautiful spot for pictures. I love the socks too – someday I’ll learn how to do that. Your new goodies in your shop are just stunning!

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  6. Wow what a busy time you’ve had and what gorgeous photos. Love the shawls & socks! London photo through the railings/bridge is just super. Sorry to hear about your long hospital delay – how annoying! Your stock for your shop also looks fab. Take care and happy crafting!:-)

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