The #Contentment Challenge!

Abi is back home after an amazing two weeks away in Cornwall and Devon and yesterday  morning Josh left for a 5 day activities residential trip with the school so things have been a bit out of sync around here.  Josh looked a bit down in the dumps as he went off as he had been put in a group with mostly people from the other class who he doesn’t know very well and none of his friends but will be doing all sorts of fun things including caving, rock climbing, and canoeing which is so completely up his street so I’m hoping he’ll be fine!


A friend and I have just recently started the ‘#Contentment Challenge’ by Nancy Ray you can read more about it here.  In a few words Nancy is a Christian photographer and the challenge is to give up shopping for unessential for 3 months and to look for our contentment in more lasting things and not in ‘stuff’.  Hubby is rather amused and says that it’s really bad timing and he will have double ice creams on holiday ;-).  I may just be stealing a few licks from his!   It has been fairly easy so far but then we have had to be careful with our spending lately anyway, it’s the bargains I’m going to find hard to say no to, as I find it hard to walk past a bargain.  I’m just hoping my local yarn and fabric shop don’t have a sale in the next 3 months!   On the upside, I can hopefully do some serious stash busting and make some of those projects that keep getting pushed to the back of the queue because I have seen something else rather appealing to make.

I hope that you’re all enjoying the summer so far, I have just frozen some strawberries while they are at their peak for strawberry and apple crumbles in the winter to bring back memories of sunny summer days.

We were hoping to pick some elderflowers for Elderflower Champagne (click here for recipe) but I’m thinking we may be too late now this year unless we can find some sheltered ones that don’t get much sun.

Well I’m off to make the most of a little extra time and see if I can put a bit more work into Josh’s blanket 🙂

Happy Crafting and enjoy the rest of your week!

Sharon x



13 thoughts on “The #Contentment Challenge!

  1. Your challenge sounds interesting, good luck with it! I think one of the things that helps me the most when it comes to bargains is to remind myself that “It’s not the last of X Thing out there. There’ll be more of X thing, and there’ll also be more bargains on X Thing.” And, the other thing I have done with great success is wait 24 hours. Often I rethink my “needs” when I wait 24 hours. I suddenly decide I “need” a tidier house or a smaller stash more than I need that thing I thought I needed yesterday.

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  2. Oh no, you missed the elderflowers? I’ve made loads of cordial but never champagne – it frightens me a little. We just add a drop of cordial to some Prosecco for poor man’s elderflower champagne:)


  3. I’m sure Josh will have had an amazing time and be really happy to have new friends with the guys he’s been put with. The contentment challenge sounds interesting – my initial thought was a don’t buy much that isn’t essential. But I bet do. Although ice cream is an essential food group in my book 😉

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  4. Good luck with the challenge Sharon – sounds like a great idea which I could well do with following! Far too much stuff in this house and we are always buying more. Josh should be home now so I hope he had a great time. xx

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  5. The contentment challenge to not buy non-essentials for at least 3 months is my actual lifestyle. I live on a very, very low income so items and services are only purchased when they are absolutely needed. Very few purchases are non-essentials and you soon learn how many things are non-essential when on a tight budget that forces one to forego many items and experiences that people in affluent society take for granted; While much contentment can be gained from ridding oneself of non-essential stuff, I would feel more content and secure if my budget were able to cover all of the essentials as required instead of having to juggle them and postpone some all the time.


    1. That must be tough for you Jodie. We are on a fairly tight budget and I try to be careful so to be honest I haven’t really felt it at all yet. Although once I’ve finished I’ll be taking Abi out for coffee 😉. Thankfully though we do have enough income for what we need and Hubby works evenings sometimes for extras. Let’s hope you win lots of lovely Yarny giveaways 😀 to help you keep creating. Xx


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