Introducing Tilly!!

  • Just popping by to share some pics of the new girl in the family 🙂 Tilly,  a little cavalier king Charles spaniel. (photos by Abi)

 She is mainly Josh’s dog and is his responsibility. 

She’sbeen so good so far,  even whining at the door when she needs to go out.  

You may well be seeing quite a bit more of her. 


Blanket Tada!! 

Well,  the blanket,  it’s finally finished and on Josh’s bed and it makes me smile everytime I see it.  Partly with pleasure that is finished but mainly because I love the way it’s turned out. 

I have worked on nothing else recently and have really enjoyed focusing on one project which had really surprised as I’ve always been one to have several things on the go!  I do have some spinning and socks on the go but I just didn’t want to work on them. 

  I’ve now started a crochet cardigan and I seem to be heading the same way with that,  loving it so much that I don’t really want to work on anything else!  So again my posts may become a bit boring although I do have something special to share with you at the end of the week all being well!!  Sorry if I haven’t been keeping up very well.  I’ve been trying to cut down on social media but still trying to catch up once a week but I think I’m still probably missing some posts that way.  Right now I’m trying to find the right balance. 

I do put photos up on instagram (@inspirationalyarns) a few times a week as it’s so quick and easy but I’m not very good at keeping up with my feed there either!  

Part of me feels guilty especially with my blog as I have made some great friends here and I love catching up with you all but ultimately my family has to come first and they seem to be taking more of my time right now.  But I’m not planning on disappearing so I’ll be checking in and catching up when I can.  How do you balance your ‘virtual’ and your real life ‘commitments’?  

I hope you all have a fantastic and creative week 😀 

Sharon xx

Exclusive Creativity. 

Hi folks, this is going to be a post with very few photos because all my crafting time lately has been exclusively given to Josh’s blanket. I have finally found the mojo to crack on with it and only have 29 more rows to go :mrgreen:.  

I’m particularly pleased with the effect the ban and front post trebles give where I have joined a new colour.  

It seems crazy to think Josh only has a week left at primary school :(, the following week he has 3 days at his new school.  I’m still not sure how I feel about that.  It could be really reassuring and he won’t be spending the whole of the holidays worrying about the move up but if he hates it we’ll have six weeks of dread!  He’s a fairly sociable kid so I’m hopeful that he’ll be fine but It’s just another step of letting go and I seem to be doing too much of that lately!  

Bekki over at Dartmoor yarn company has been talking goals and it’s got me thinking about how last year I did a stocking pressie each month for the kids plus other gifts throughout the year. This year has been so different.  I know how quickly time flies both during the hols and the autumn term so I need your help to think of some quick makes that won’t cost too much so I can start to get some gifts made.  With the size of our family I need to get started soon!!  I need ideas for all ages,  male and female.  I’ve got plenty of stash yarn,  fabric,  card craft bits and beads.  

I hope you’re all well and have a fantastic and creative week 😀

Sharon  xx