Good to be Back! 

Hi everyone, so good to be back after my mini summer blogging break. My aim is to hop on here at least once a week but we’ll see how that goes as our little addition,

 good as she is, (most if the time) seems to have made life a whole lot busier. I’ll try and give you more of an update on Tilly soon for those of you that are interested? 

We had a fantastic time while Hubby was off work for two weeks. The weather was amazing. The first week was a working holiday and Hubby certainly worked hard! 

We used to have a wedge shaped piece of land between the house and the garage. At the from its the width out a doorway but at the back is quite a bit wider so Hubby built a shed to fill in the gap! 

As you can see it’s not quite finished. A little more work on the roof, another coat of paint and some glass for the window needed yet!  And the best thing is that all the wood you can see, including the door didn’t cost us a penny! 

Between bits leftover from jobs and wood with slight defects that the local shed company leave out for people to help themselves to, we have managed to do this at a very low cost. 

Inside is a bit junky at the moment but you can see the basic layout. The tall brown cupboard on the right will go and there’ll be a butler sink there. The door on the left is where Hubby knocked through to the garage. Wellies and old coats will come out here. We have an extra fridge and freezer out here too and eventually the washing machine will be here too and I’ll have a dishwasher indoors. To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’m quite happy washing up by hand and I like the convenience of having the washing machine indoors but we’ll see, I’m sure I’ll love it once I get used to it!

 Reading that back makes me sound old and stuck in my ways, oops. It must be being the wrong side  of forty. I must admit though that change does bother me a bit more than it used to but I’m determined not to get like that as I get older. 

I have a little Tilly who just whined to come up on my lap as they’re drilling next door and she’s a little wimp when it comes to noises! 

So, what did Josh do during this week? He helped Hubby at times, played with Tilly quite a bit and played in the pool. Yes we, well Josh really, has a small pool in the garden. He worked with his cousin, helping him with some gardening for a day and a half and earned himself enough money to buy a 12′ diameter pool. We have had so much use out of it and had lots of friends round to see Tilly and have a dip! 

Abhi was working as she’d already had a holiday with her boyfriend’s family but working shifts she was able to be with us some of the time. 

Well I’ve rambled rather so I’ll leave our second  week and tell you about that another time. 

I hope you’re all doing well and have a lovely and creative week.

Sharon xx


11 thoughts on “Good to be Back! 

  1. Hi Sharon – good to hear from you. Now on the subject of dishwashers I can ramble for ages but mainly I love mine because it is more hygienic than using wash cloths and teatowls and they do say that they use less water. Our washing machine is in the garage and it is brilliant because in the summer I can hook the waste pipe into a dustbin and use the water on the garden – I love recycling water! Your new shed looks like it is going to get a lot of use. xx


    1. Hi Lin, great to hear from you too. I’m hearing different views on the dishwasher so I’m still sitting on the fence atm. It will certainly be nice to be able to put the dirty dishes out of sight until they’re washed! I remember my mum doing that with our washing machine in the summer months, one to consider when we plumb it in. 😀xx


  2. I’m with you on the anti-dishwasher front – I’ve never had one. I don’t believe it can use less water than one bowlful, and what about the electricity? Not to mention the initial purchase cost. Now I’m rambling, lol! The shed is a brilliant use of redundant space, although it looks a bit too posh to be just a shed. I LOVE that tall cupboard – please tell me you’re going to paint it and keep it?! Would make a fab linen cupboard. Let’s hope the weather forecast is accurate this week so that Josh can get some use of his new pool so late in the Summer.


    1. Exactly! At least we won’t have acc initial purchase cost for the dishwasher as it’s out of a customer’s kitchen they were revamping! Yes, we’ll be keeping the cupboard but it’s not as lovely as it looks. It’s a plastic rattan effect. It’ll probs end up in the garden as storage for gardening bits and bobs. It’ll be great if the weather does hold for a bit longer, we had amazing summer holidays with the weather. On that note, enjoy the sunshine😀

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  3. Glad you had a productive summer Sharon. What a useful area you have created. Interesting about the dishwasher. We have one but don’t use it! All my dishes are old and I’d worry about them in a dishwasher, also we only have 4 plates so it would always be on but barely full! I also love looking out of the window and daydreaming as I do the washing!


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