This and that! 

It’s half Term holiday here so each day Josh and I go to a park locally to walk Tilly. I sit in the field and Josh runs and Tilly chases him and we practise recall off the lead. She’s doing well but we wouldn’t trust her near a road yet! 

I asked Josh to get some nice Autumn photos on my phone for me as he walked around the perimeter of the field with Tilly. Leaves, trees, berries etc! This is a selection of what he came back with! 

I’ve been busy dyeing yarn and sewing for the shop ready for Christmas. 

The leg Warmer hasn’t grown much, or at least it grew, then it shrank dramatically, grew again, shrunk again and It’s hopefully going to steadily grow now without any more hiccups! 

Tilly’s assistance isn’t always helpful! She’s such a snuggler! 

On a different note, have you ever had eggy bread with bacon and maple syrup? It’s amazing! 

The only bit of non shop creativity around here, other than the leg Warmer has been to make Josh’s school trousers skinny! He just couldn’t contemplate another day with ‘those baggy things’ . Hmm, I think someone is growing up too fast around here.

Other than that I’ve just been trying to get my head around Christmas. Sadly I’m not too sure that there’ll be much creativity in the gift department this year! 

How about you all? Are you busy making gifts yet? 

Wishing you all a happy and creative rest of week! 

Sharon xx


6 thoughts on “This and that! 

  1. Awww, Tilly is gorgeous. It seems a very long time now since my Archie was that little, he’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel too. He’s six now but still loves his cuddles. I like the yarn you’ve been dyeing, especially that first colourway, I’m going to go seek out your shop.

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    1. Hi Jo. Thanks, they’re such a lovely temperament, I’m glad they still like cuddles as they get older!. Thanks, I really love dyeing the yarn. If you do pop by the shop I have a discount code for my blogging friends. Just use the code blog10 at checkout for a ten percent discount off of any order over five pounds. I hope you have a lovely week. 😀


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