A Birthday and a catch up! 

Hi folks, I’m afraid this is going ​ to be a rather muddly post as I’m doing it on my phone and I can’t seem to swap the photos about! So here goes… Josh was so thrilled with the drone that the two sets of grandparents and we, gave him that he did the test flight in his dressing gown and my bright pink crocs! ​​

Presents and cards, as always were opened in our bed, with the eager help of Tilly this year.

For his cake Josh chose monkey bread, a family favorite.

Gooey sugar and cinnamon coated balls of dough encasing melted dark chocolate! 

Back to Tilly enjoying the gift wrap! 

And a big tada.  The leg Warmer is finished and somewhere between here and America! 

I’m so pleased with the result and even more pleased with what I learnt along the way, especially the fact that I managed wrestle a porcupine to take the stitches back a few rows to do cable twists that I had missed! 

Here’s poor Abz sleep, she’s had a rough three weeks with really bad stomach pains and a fever. Last week we spent four days at the hospital which is nearly an hour away, for tests, the first day we waited but they couldn’t fit us in for the scan, back next day where she was scanned just before it broke down. Day three back for a different scan but that scanner broke down so back again the fourth day! Finally they more or less ruled out appendicitis and think she has acute mesenteric adenitis which is inflamed glands in the stomach and could take foit to six weeks to get better. It’s knocked her for six and just sitting wrapping a few gifts will wear her out. Thankfully the pain is easing but it’s left her so weak..

Other than that, not a lot has been happening here except for lots of sewing for my shop.

Hoping your all well and enjoying the cosy evening creatively!  Have a wonderful weekend!! 

Sharon xx


15 thoughts on “A Birthday and a catch up! 

    1. Thanks Becky. Abz is improving very slowly now. I’ll pass your messages on. Yes! Looking forward to seeing Tilly’s reaction at Christmas. Josh has used his money to buy her a stocking full of presents! Just hoping she doesn’t decide to open all our presents too, not sure if we’ll be able to keep them all under the tree this year!

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      1. Good to hear Abz is on the mend. Hopefully even better by now? I haven’t put presents under the tree since we got Hicks. He does however respect that our presents are ours. I think the trick is to give them one then they go off and play with what they find inside for a bit. Or at least i think that’s how we first got him to understand. Also, because they love ripping paper, you can decoy them with your old wrapping paper as a ‘gift’ 🙂

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        1. Thanks Bekki. Abz is still a long way from going back to work but she is progressing. She drove me to the town this morning, about a 15 min drive and managed to go in a shop for five mins before she was exhausted and had to go back to the car and rest while I finished shopping. But that’s a lot better than last week, so thankful for small improvements.
          I’ll have to try the wrapping paper decoy with Tilly! 😉x

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