Looking festive! 

Hi folks, things here are looking a mixture of busy, festive and sick! 

There’s been lots of bag making and yarn dyeing for my shop 

which is finally dry and waiting to be made pretty! It has been keeping me too busy for personal creativity and in between that there’s been a lot of online Christmas shopping.

 I like to shop local as much as I can but our town has very little to offer and as I don’t drive any further than where we live (because the lupus and fibromyalgia affect my concentration too much when I get tired) I rely on other people to get about. Mostly Abi but she is still ill! Poor girl, it’s been over five weeks now. She did manage to get to church yesterday morning, slept the afternoon and went to church again in the evening but that has her crashed out again today with a high temperature. If she’s still no better in another week the doctor has said they’ll refer her for more investigations but that could be weeks before we get anywhere so we’re hoping and praying she’ll soon get better! 

We put our tree up at the weekend to cheer us all up and Tilly was rather intrigued! 

Once we had the ornaments on, apart from a couple of sniffs, she has left the tree alone so far. 

Even the popcorn Abi strung for it! 

We did think about getting a smaller tree and having it on the windowsill but decided that as Tilly generally only needs telling once, we would risk it. 

Having said that I’ve just had to stop Tilly chewing the hat basket for the third time! Grrr!! 

So we have our usual tree up with LOTS of ornaments. You may remember that each year I buy Abi and Josh a new ornament for the tree and then one day if they get their own place they can take them with them. This year Abi had a willow tree ornament,

 Josh a dog in a stocking 

and we included Paul, Abi’s boyfriend, who had this one! 

 Tilly was NOT impressed with the singing snowman! She really objects now to anything out of the ordinary in the house. 

It’s lovely to have the house all twinkly and festive again. A bit earlier than we normally would but Abz had made some lovely wooden advent ornaments so we thought it would be a good excuse to get the tree up early😉 Each ornament has a name for Jesus burnt onto the front and the corresponding bible reference on the back.

Hoping that you’re all well and getting into the festivities if you celebrate. 

Have a wonderful creative week!! 

Sharon xx


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