Getting there! 

Popping in for a quick catch up!. Well Christmas is nearly here, pressies under the tree and I have a dishwasher! Do you remember hubby built a posh shed? Well the washing machine had gone out there and we now have a dishwasher. 

I’m still not sure how I feel about this. I’m hoping the dishwasher will be a help, at least I can hide the dirty dishes. It’s having the washing outside that I’m not sure on, we’ll see! 

The tree is up and looking lovely although only some of the lights are working, so I’m hoping to be able to get some more in the sales.

Abi has made some lovely ornaments with names for Jesus on them which she is adding, one each day for advent. It’s lovely to have that constant reminder of what Christmas is really about! 

Tully is going through a very chewy stage but she still loves her snuggles.

We’ve been given a super cute reindeer as a thank you for some mending I did for a friend.

I’ve spent a lot of time creatively but it’s all been for the shop so I’m hoping for a bit of me crafting time over the break. Although with visitors or else visiting every day except one for a week things will be pretty hectic! 

This out new bedtime routine, Tilly snuggled Josh and then when we go to bed I take her back downstairs for the night.

I did my usual hamper of nice read and coffees for our doctors along with some home made fudge. We’ve certainly used then a lot these last couple of months with Abi. Thanks for all your kind enquiries. She is very slightly better but still goes right back if she does much. We now have a hospital referral so hoping the wait won’t be too long! 

Today we had a lovely surprise when we went to the market for our Christmas veg. Josh was thrilled to hold this six month old owl that one of the stall holders had with her. Abi was very envious when we told her! 

Last but not least both my stitching Santa parcels have arrived, I feel so excited, like a big kid! 

Sorry  it’s such a rushed post but I had to squeeze in a quick hello before Christmas.

I hope you’ll all have a special time. 

Sharon xx


11 thoughts on “Getting there! 

  1. A dishwasher just in time for Christmas….what a blessing. Love the idea of the baubles and the different names for Jesus. One of my favourie tree decorations is a tiny tag of wood and on it is written ‘Counsellor’. Happy Christmas xx

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  2. Hi Sharon. Well, my washing machine is downstairs in the garage and I have never found it a problem especially as I run it at night when we have cheaper electricity. Couldn’t be without my dishwasher – so much more hygienic than dishcloths and tea towels. Your tree looks beautiful but I am sorry to hear that Abi is still not well, lets hope that they can find the problem in the new year. Meanwhile I wish you all a very happy and blessed Christmas and all the best for 2017. xx

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    1. Hi Lin. That’s reassuring, I’m sure I’ll soon get used to having my machine elsewhere and having a dishwasher we’ll make up for any inconvenience! Thanks for your kind thoughts for Abi, it will be good to get some answers. Wishing you Christmas blessings and a very special 2017 sweet friend. xx


  3. Hi Sharon,

    Congratulations on your dishwasher! You won’t know yourself. A dishwasher has been the most helpful, labour-saving appliance along with the washing machine and worth every penny.

    Sorry to learn that Abi has been so unwell for so long and sorry to be so late with the news.

    For some reason, I hadn’t seen your posts in my blog feed even though your blog is listed there. I do know that my blogreader has recently ‘changed’; i.e. same reader but it has decided to ‘upgrade’ its look etc. so I suppose inevitably there will be other changes going on as well. I just wish these software companies (Google) would warn people.

    What a shame that Abi is feeling so poorly at this time of year when all the festivities are happening. I do hope you both find some answers soon and that she feels better.
    Sending healing wishes for Christmas and all the best in 2017.


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    1. Hi Jodie, good to hear from you too, I’ve not been about here much but I haven’t had your posts come through either! Thanks, yes, hoping we’ll soon have some answers about Abi. There’s slight improvement but it’s so slow!
      I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Sharon x


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