Another Mile On The Clock!

Well folks, I’m a year older and it was a lovely couple of days transition!
On Saturday Hubby took me out shopping. That may not sound very exciting, but believe me, to get him and Josh anywhere near the shops is an achievement, let alone traipse and after me for three hours!
We went to Lewes which isn’t too far from us but I had never been there before. It was lovely. It’s an old town with a very steep hill (I whizzed around on my scooter) and I could easily spend a day there just absorbing all the history. I found this plaque particularly interesting.

It was on the wall above this plate of glass set in the pavement where the steps lead down to the prison. You would have to lay down to fit through the opening halfway down the steps.

As well as the history there were a couple of street stalls, one selling ethically made clothing which was all on sale so I grabbed a couple of bargains 🙂

Then Hubby actually pointed out a craft shop to me and patiently waited while I browsed! 

It had a little of everything from art supplies to yarn and buttons. And I spent less than ten pounds!! 

Then it was lunch time but the town was heaving and everywhere was packed so we headed off to another town to find a bakery. When we got there the bakers were just closing so we opted for fish and chips. 

It was one of those times when there is a purpose to our plans going wrong. In the chip ago we bumped into’Aunty’ Helen. She isn’t a real Aunty but she was Howard’s neighbor for the first seventeen years of his life. They are the most amazing and kind couple and did so much for Hubby and his sister when their Mum died leaving his Dad with two preschoolers.  They looked after them for hours  at a time and were always there for the family throughout the years.

It was great to see her and she invited us to eat at their house and to visit her husband, Derek, who had fallen and fractured his scull out in Australia over Christmas! He had to spend six weeks in hospital and rehab. At one point they were told that if he didn’t come round in 24 hours, he wouldn’t make it. Thankfully he did and is doing amazingly well, although there are some lasting effects he is struggling with! 

Derek is the sort of person who cannot waste anything and Josh is fascinated with his garden! 

He used to have disabled children come for the afternoon to explore and play in his garden and see the animals but sadly that has had to stop because of health and safety! 

But he still has one sheep left which according to Josh is more like a donkey! 

So that was our adventure at the weekend. 

On Monday, my actual birthday, Abz treated me out to a coffee. We tried out an adorable little cafe in a little old fashioned village store.

I pigged with pancakes, maple syrup and fried banana! 

Then we rounded up  day with Abz cooking me dinner and a lovely creme egg brownie birthday cake! 

It’s so beautiful when everyone makes you feel so special and loved. It is certainly in the little things that love really is! 

Have a great and creative day and weekend friends! 

Sharon xx


26 thoughts on “Another Mile On The Clock!

    1. Thanks Jane. Abz is getting there! She’s had a couple of set backs with a cold and sore throat with a fever which came back ten days later as tonsillitis😬. She’s managed to do a full week at work though. Just hoping and praying xshe’ll manage next week as she has two twelve hour shifts followed by two training days and then another two twelve hour shifts🙃.

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  1. Loved your post! I can hardly believe this but I was exactly where you were but yesterday not at the weekend! Lewes is about 90mins drive from me – 2nd visit in couple of months. I discovered The Stitchery – it’s the habby store in your photos – loved it!! Lewes is so pretty – even in the drizzle of March 1st ! Just an amazing coincidence to find another Lewes visitor and a ‘wordpresser’ too.

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  2. Happy Happy Birthday Sharon, wow you had a wonderful day!!! I was fascinated by that plaque – right now I’m watching A Lamp in the Dark on youtube, about the Reformation, 2 hour documentary but amazing. That craft shop looks so inviting!!!!

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  3. Belated birthday greetings Sharon, it sounds like you had a lovely time. Such a lot to read in your post – I have been through it several times! How interesting about the martyrs and the garden pictures are fascinating. What an amazing cake! I hope you have a lovely year. xx

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