Edward’s Menagerie and eBooks!

Recently I purchased an eBook first for me. Since Abi had a kindle about 3 years ago we have bought various eBooks.  Now I love books, the feel, the smell and especially old books but we have one problem and that is space!  We already have several boxes of books in the loft.  Books the children have grown out of, books for Josh to grow into and books that we rotate because we just don’t have enough room downstairs for them all.

The other benefit of eBooks is that we have can easily take plenty of books wherever we go on our phone/tablet.


A few weeks I decided to buy a new crochet book called Edward’s Menagerie, inspired by the animals Kathryn is creating here.  (Kathryn has had rather a rough ride health-wise and like quite a few of us, Kathryn crochets to fill the time when she is not well enough to do other things.)


This is a great book.  There are three levels from beginner to advanced and the toys really are gorgeous.  He also gives you all the yarn thickness options from fine to chunky, approx how much you will need and what size they will make up!

In an attempt to save money I decided to buy the e version! I love the book and I am just about to start making the rabbit for the little baby girl my cousin had recently but….

… I am not at all sure how I feel about working from an eBook. After a few minutes of not being touched the screen switches off and then I have to faff about turning it back on and it just isn’t the same.  With my crochet books I usually photocopy the pattern to make the project more portable.  So yesterday I had a play about, managed to download the book onto our laptop, and was able to copy and paste the pattern into a Word document.  Annoyingly though it would not let me copy the pictures.  I keep my printed off patterns in a folder and I like to be able to see what they are at a glance by the picture.

So overall,  yes it saves space but I don’t think I will be buying another eBook in a hurry!

Do you have eBooks and have any of you ever bought a craft eBook?  I would love to hear how you have got on with them.

Oh, and before I go, I have started my budgie knitting!!  Groan, I am having to ‘make a stitch’ several times and I seem to end up with a hole.  I have watched a couple of YouTube videos, It looks as though I am getting it right but I can’t be!  The dilemma now is, do I unravel the rows I have struggled with or just carry on and somehow sort the holes out.  This is one of the reasons I am not so keen on knitting, it is just not as forgiving with mistakes as crochet!!


Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx

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