Refugee Teddy!

Last week there was a post on the Crochet between worlds blog saying how Anne, who lives in the Dortmund area of Germany, had over 5000 refugees arrive over the last week in the town. Anne wanted to do something and came up with the idea of teddy bears for the children.  You can read all about it here. 

I knew to crochet a little bear wouldn’t take too long so in the interest of being more creative I decided to just grab a hook, some bright yarn (I’m using that green Bekki! *) and just create my own individual bear.  I jotted down a few notes so I shall try and get a pattern done for you at some point.

It started out looking rather alien like but as I progress he improved!


I wanted to give him a fat tummy and floppy arms and legs.  I used a coral colour for the arms, legs, ears and snout and altogether I am rather pleased with how he turns out.  He certainly got my nieces approval over the weekend!


I am sure Anne would love to have anyone else join in if you have a couple of hours to spare with your crochet hook to make a bear for a refugee child.


I hope to be back soon with my latest make, until then …. Happy Crafting!!

*Bekki had made some knitting samples with some rather bright yellow yarn and I commented that I now knew what to do with the bright green yarn that I had ordered by mistake, I would use it for samples but I think this teddy is a much more fun way of using it 🙂

Have a great week,

Sharon xx

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Over 300 teddies ready to be shipped to Ghana!!

We have been busy packing up loads of handmade soft toys… here is where it all began…

Back in 2009 when she was 12, Abi set up a charity to make and collect teddies for the local Ambulance crews.  It all started because Josh had to be taken by ambulance to hospital after he was badly burnt the previous year.  Soon after Abi received a book token prize from school so she bought a book about how to make sock toys.  Wondering who to give them to once she had made them, she came up with the idea of giving them to the local ambulances to give to children who travel with them and Siren Sox Buddies was born!!

Abi & Josh with Buddies & Ambulance Crew Member!

She advertised locally and had such a good response that at the end of 2010 as well as supplying the Ambulances, we had over 400 toys in our loft and decided to send some over to Ghana.

We support the charity Savannah Education Trust who have now built five christian schools in the poorest parts of Ghana. They also provide each child with one meal a day.  Without this, some children, especially during the dry season, would have to miss school to scavenge for rats, mice, birds and fruit in the bush for their daily food.

These children have not got any toys at all, when I think how much our children have it makes it so special to be able to give a child their first toy!

In the autumn of 2010 we boxed up and shipped about 400 soft toys.

The toys arrived in early 2011


The truck arrives at one of the schools.


Here the children get to choose their toy.


The children discussing what they have got


The girl at the window is holding hers like a baby, it makes me want to cry!


Another happy child throws his into the air while others peep in at the window!

These pictures make me so happy.  They were so pleased with them and it made all our hard work worthwhile.

Abi and I would sit down together in the evenings and have a production line of sock toy making!  We made well over 200 of the 400 sent out. It was precious time spent together doing something for others.

Since then Abi has had her GCSE’s and now her A levels, so she has been too busy to make many, also local interest slowed down somewhat but gradually over the pass 4 years we have collected more and she now has over 300 to send out to Ghana. Again we were able to make about half of these and the other half were kindly made by various people around the country.

Here is the latest collection.


most of the 300 on our sofa!


Boxing up


Also some hand puppets kindly knitted for us to send.

Here are a few of my favourites!

IMG_9898413 IMG_9896411 IMG_9894409 IMG_9904419 IMG_9900415

Hopefully in two or three months there will be news of their safe arrival.

Happy crafting!!

Sharon xx