A Birthday and my Favorite Tools atm.

Guess what we’ve been eating?….

Hubby had a birthday last week so there have been rather a lot of calories consumed here in Sussex! 

If you’ve followed me for any length of time you’ll probably know what’s coming next. Yep, monkey bread and birthday gateau.

One of my favorite yarns was inspired by this chocolate version of our birthday gateau and if you’re on Instagram you can see it knit up into a sock @grosifrick. She had also bought some of my yarns for a ‘find your fade’ shawl so I’m looking forward to seeing that when it’s all knit up.  I love seeing what people make with my yarns.

You can find the gateau recipe here and the monkey bread recipe is by Barbara bakes which you can find here. I add a twist to the recipe and I also put half a square of dark chocolate in the centre of each ball of dough to make it extra special.

I also treated Hubby to a venison roast on his birthday.

I think all that is going to mean I need to be rather strict with myself this week. And save up the treats for the end of the month when it’s my birthdayūüėā. 

On the creative front, there’s been a tiny bit of ‘me’ creativity. I’ve managed six rows of knitting on my shawl since I last blogged, which I don’t think I even told you about. I started it a few weeks ago.

 I’m using my bfl with nylon yarn in the Valley Hues colourway. Purple Is not a me color but I fell in love with this one so I couldn’t resist using it!  I’m using the Karise pattern from Ravelry and I was inspired by the beautiful shawls that my lovely friend Ericka Eckles has made. And as you can see I’ve finally worked out how to add links on my phone ūüėÄ

In shop creativity I’ve been having a big dpn needle holder sew up, So hopefully there should be more of them in my shop soon. 


Making these has been made so much easier by a couple of sewing tools I have so I did a short video to show you and share….. Aghh. It’s the first time I’ve done this and I don’t look very smiley but I’m sharing it anyway so have fun watching it, I’ll never be a t.v. Presenter that’s for sure! ūüėā

Do have any great gadgets or things favorite things to share? I’d love to know. I may even add a ‘what I’m loving this week’ to my posts just for fun. Probs not a video though!! ! 

Have a very happy and creative week friends

Sharon xx


Elderflower Champagne Recipe.

Every year we pick Elderflowers to make champagne and usually the flowers are out just in¬†time to make the champagne for Abi’s birthday and this year was no exception.


Last year we bought a pink elderflower bush for our garden and this year we had several flowers enabling us to make one batch of pink and one of white champagne.


Years ago my Mother-in-law used to make it and bottle it in glass bottles until one year the pressure got so great that the bottles shattered shredding the back of the sofa behind which she had placed them!! ¬†The first year we were married we decided to use corked glass bottles and store them in the cupboard under the stairs but like Mum’s the pressure got too much and in the middle of the night we heard bangs as the corks flew off at pressure and hit the cupboard roof! ¬†So now we reuse plastic squash or fizzy bottles. ¬†This means that we can release the pressure every day and as it gets fizzier two or three times a day. ¬†Interestingly the pink champagne was extremely fizzy within 24 hours whereas the white took a while longer.

So how do we make it?


Elderflower Champagne


10-15 Elderflower heads

1lb (500g) sugar

2 Tablespoons of vinegar

2 lemons

5 pints of water  (1pint boiling and 4 pints cold)


Put the sugar into a large bowl and pour on the one pint of boiling water and stir until the sugar is dissolved.

Squeeze the lemons and add the juice to the bowl.

Cut up the lemon rind and add to the bowl along with the vinegar.

Add the flowerheads and the 4 pints of cold water to the bowl, cover and leave to stand for 24 hours.

Strain and bottle remembering to release pressure daily or as often as needed.


One more thing to make you aware of is that this will get alcoholic. ¬†Last year Abi picked a large bag full of elderflowers so we put at least 20 heads in each batch. ¬†Rather stupidly we assumed that it just had been given the name champagne but wasn’t alcoholic, especially as no yeast etc is added. ¬†Well, one Sunday last year Josh had rather greedily had five glasses of it and then complained of tummy ache. ¬†I sent him to lie down where he promptly fell asleep for the whole afternoon. ¬†Still I didn’t twig. ¬†Abi went off for her first driving lesson the next day on three glasses of it, (incidentally her instructor commented on her good spacial awareness) but it wasn’t until later that day when I had some that I realised that it had become alcohlic as I react to alcohol. ¬†Ooops!! ¬†I ¬†felt really bad about it at the time, I mean we do our best as parents to¬†try to be responsible but we somehow ended up making nine year old Josh drunk and sending Abz for her first driving lesson on alcohol but we can laugh about it now!! ¬†So just a warning be careful how much you drink at a time especially if you intend to drive!!

Sharon xx

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Josh in the Kitchen again…Maybe for the Last Time!!!

After school today Josh wanted to bake.  Liking to encourage all forms of creativity I agreed.  He mixed his ingredients following his own recipe from last time with a spoon and then asked me if that was okay.  I suggested using the electric hand mixer as cake mix needs a lot of air in it Рthat is where it all started to go wrong.

I sat happily crocheting the border on my blanket whilst watching Sandra’s podcast, Josh was happily using the whisk…too happily as I was soon to discover.

I was called into the kitchen again and this was the sight that greeted me!


cake mix on the walls,


in the cupboard,


on Josh,


and on the floor, (which I didn’t discover until after I had trodden it onto the new lounge carpet!)

I took a deep breath and thought ¬†‘surely I must have told him before to turn the whisk off before lifting the beaters out of the bowl’, but I couldn’t remember so I patiently explained and we started cleaning the mess.

In walks Abi and asks what happened to which my little darling replies “I lifted the beaters out four times!!!” ¬†“Four Times” I shriek “yes it was accidentally” innocently replies Josh. ¬†Now come on Josh I really am not that stupid. “You cannot accidentally lift them out four times” said rather¬†sternly “Oh it was accidentally on purpose”. ¬†At this point I didn’t know whether to explode or laugh, I did neither and just said “Don’t you EVER do that again”.

You see I couldn’t get too cross because deep down inside me there is still a little bit of the child in me that¬†would just love to load the whisk with gooey chocolate cake mix, lift the beaters high above my head and watch cake goo fly everywhere!!!

The cakes were delicious too…best yet Josh!


Happy crafting!!

Sharon xx

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