Creative Drought!!

My creature time seems to have disappeared! I do spend half a day a week or so creating for my shop but last year I spent hours and hours creating!  Last week there was a custom order for some of my Scripture Yarn for a community project which was great fun!  Excuse the dodgy pics, Abi has the camera atm.


Would you be more likely to buy the yarn before re-skeining (top) or after (bottom) ? 
Abi doing shift work has probably made the biggest difference to my creative time as she often has a couple of days off during the week but it’s a good exchange, it’s so special being able to spend so much time with her even though she’s in full time work and has a boyfriend! 


A pic she sent through when they arrived! 

They’ve gone down to Cornwall for a couple of weeks so I planned a lot of creativity for this week but Josh decided it was his turn for some Mum time and is off school with earache and dizzyness! 


So the creativity has been more a case of bringing the outdoors inside!  He’s created a live small animal basket trap out of sticks! I’m not too sure what he hopes to catch but we’ll see, it kept him occupied for a while anyway! 
And this is what happens when he flies hus drone too close to me!!


I did manage a couple of rows on my ‘ waiting room ‘ socks but they just don’t keep me waiting long enough to get much done!


My shawls hang over the side of my knitting /crocheting chair and are in and my shoulders day after day.  They’re so easy just to sling over my shoulders when I feel chilly:D.


It’s Abi’s birthday on Wednesday so we had a birthday gateau on Friday evening before she went away. I didn’t even get to make her a gift this year but I did find time to draw her a card, I’ll try to get a photo for next time!

I’ve started reading more again too although a lot of the ebooks have an audio option now so I’ve tended to listen while I get my jobs done! 

Before I go take a look at this,  Father-in-law saw it in a museum recently,  can you read it?


H4V3 4 CR3471V3 W33K!!

SH4R0N!! xx


Draw a Bird Day.

Inspired by the Creativity Cauldron I have joined in with ‘draw a bird day’.  Since the 1940’s 8th April has been draw a bird day. A little girl called Dorie visited her wounded Uncle in hospital, cheering him by asking him to draw her a bird.  This inspired other wounded soldiers until the ward was covered in pictures of birds.  Sadly Dorie died a few years later and she was remebered by people drawing a bird on April 8th. You can read the whole story here.

Here is my attempt at drawing one of budgies – Pippin.


It took about 20 mins to draw and then colour with water colour pencils. It isn’t perfect but I am pleased with it as I haven’t drawn much at all for years. I am so pleased that I took the time to join in with remembering this little girl all these years later.

You can draw any bird, using any medium, you don’t have to be good at drawing – it could be a stick bird!  I would to see your pics if you join in 🙂

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx