Back to Normal???..

Well, Hubby is back at work and things are supposed to be back to ‘normal’ holiday mode here and instead I am in bed with a rotten cold and a high temperature!

Abi has been great, hanging washing out and generally helping while Josh has been in full creativity mode! I did venture downstairs earlier to make sure that Josh had a decent lunch and had to close my eyes to the mess!  Josh and Abi are both true creatives and work best in a mess, this time it just happens to be in the lounge, spilling into the kitchen and out to the garden :-). Still I mustn’t complain as he has been so good occupying himself today.

I have tried to catch up a bit with all the posts I missed while we had our holiday at home (oh, we did get a last minute three days to Portsmouth too where I got several goodies at Gunwharf Quays’ amazing outlet mall and I have some bits to share with a giveaway soon)!  Anyhow, I have been catching up but forgive me if any comments are a bit crazy as I am really not very with it right now.

Before I go, I promised to show a picture of Josh’s ‘big’ fish …


he is fantastic at handling them, they are so calm with him.

If you are really pleased with your catch you can always hug it!!!


Sometimes though I think you can get a bit too pleased!!


Have a great week.  I have some new wips to share this week if I am well enough to get some photos and there is going to be a plea for help coming up soon too.  Until then, Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx

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Postcard from Sussex – Fishing

We had the most beautiful weather today after a rather damp day yesterday.  We went to this beautiful lake


and I was sat under the shade of that old gnarled tree.

The lake was down a country track through fields of wheat,


during the morning we could see the wheat being harvested and by the time we left the straw was being baled.

There was a kingfisher, buzzards overhead and lots of dragonflies,


This is a 5lb carp that Josh caught


he also set himself a new record with an 11 lb carp but I haven’t got that photo ready yet.

Josh also wanted me to show you these snails that were busy mating on our doorstep this morning!!!


Abi had some good news today and has got a job in a demetia care home so we are really pleased for her 🙂

I hope that you have had a lovely day.  Off to the beach tomorrow all being well.

Happy Crafting, although there is not a lot being done here this week 🙂

Sharon xx

I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment.  I will try to reply as soon as possible. x