Crafting for Christmas!! … and a Gift Along??

Christmas Crafting!!!   Okay, I know it sounds mad but we have a very long gift list and a tight budget!

Last year I ended up with manic crafting from September up to the last minute and I am determined that it will be calmer this year!!  I want to pour my love into what I make and not feel stressed because of time pressures.

Do you have the same problem?  I was wondering about starting a ‘gift along’!!  What do you think?  It wouldn’t have to be Christmas gifts – not everyone is as mad as me!!  Just somewhere where we can encourage each other with making as many gifts as we can this year.  Maybe to save money or as a stash buster?!!  Please let me know if you would be interested?

Some of you will know I am trying to make one stocking present a month for the children ( here and here ) which so far has gone to plan so this month I have decided to  really get going with some other gifts – factory style!!


Hubby’s knee is what started it all off.  It hasn’t played up for some time but it has recently kicked off again being very swollen and painful!  We know what the problem is but it means an operation and 4-6 weeks off work so he is trying to put it off as long as possible.

He had been using cool blocks but they really don’t mould around the knee so I decided to make some rice sacks.  I have made several wheat sacks over the years, (Not sure freezing wheat would be a good idea?!) so I opted to make these rice sacks in the same way.  While I was doing one for Hubby I decided to make several of different sizes for gifts.  Little ones for bumps and bruises (my sister has 9 children so there will be some heading her way!!) and larger ones for troublesome muscles and injuries!

I used some old cotton sheeting for the sack and some leftover cotton fabric for the ‘pillowcase’.  I always like to have a separate cover so that it can be washed – essential it they will be going on scraped knees!IMG_9751376

I cut various sized rectangles and stitched and overlocked 3 sides.

IMG_9762387 IMG_9766389

turned and filled the bags just over halfway with rice,


and machined the opening closed.  I felt this would be stronger than a hand stitched seam and as I was making covers for them it wouldn’t matter if the stitching showed.  (or maybe I was just being lazy!!)


Next I cut two rectangles for the covers, one about 1/2″ longer than the sack and the other about 3 to 4″ longer.


I double hemmed the top edge of both of the rectangles


Then laid them right sides together with the bottoms lined up and the shorter rectangle on the top,


folded the longer part of the underneath rectangle down over the top of the shorter rectangle,


and machined and overlocked the bottom and the two sides.

Turned through and put the rice sack into its ‘pillowcase’ Ta da!!


Twelve rice sacks made!!

I have also begun on some gifts for the eight little girls in my family.  I have been mulling over various ideas but there was one that stood out, a pyjama case.  Since I saw this gorgeous patchwork case by Sandra at Cherry Heart I have had a pj case in the back of my mind.  I wanted to do either a doll or animal with a dress as the case.  I still haven’t got it clear in my head how to make it all but decided to go ahead and make the toy part and work out the dress later.

I have cut them out x 8!!


(I am only using the upper part of the body)


and have machined them all…

…hopefully I can update you next week!!

So it has been a fairly busy couple of weeks of sewing, My neck will only stand 10 minute stints at the machine but I have done it in little spurts throughout the day and I have really enjoyed it!  Until next time…

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx