Bracelets… a quick tutorial.

When shopping this morning I spotted this…


…well, having owls on it and Abi with me it ended up in the basket!!  (Abi has loved owls since a toddler).

I asked the shopkeeper what thoughts they had for usage and they suggested using it as bunting or to decorate a mirror.  So we took it home with that in mind but then I thought ‘bracelets’.

So out came the box of Jewelery making bits, I cut a section and put clamps and a clasp on the ends to create this.

IMG_1465464 IMG_1452451

Then I remembered some wooden shapes I purchased years ago for card making,  I knew I had some left and also various bits of twine, cord etc that I had saved from packaging etc over the years.  So I had a rummage and got making.

You will need two different pieces of either cord, twine, string, leather thong etc long enough to just go round your wrist plus one cm, 6 beads, (I used two of one colour and 4 of the other colour) a glue gun and a wooden shape for each bracelet.


you will also need, two pairs of pliers, two claw crimps (mine were similar to this), one clasp, I use magnetic clasps, jump rings (mine were 6mm) and superglue (take care when using the superglue I had to peel my fingers away a couple of times!!).


thread the beads onto one of the lengths of cord in two groups of three in your chosen order.


hold the two pieces of cord/string together near the end and using the super glue coat the first cm or so with the glue.


immediately take your pliers and crimp, and place the glued cord ends as far as they will go into the crimp and then using the pliers pinch it closed over the cords.  Repeat with the other end.


Take a jump ring and open it slightly, thread the crimp end and one half of the clasp onto the ring and using both pairs of pliers close the ring.  (sorry but I didn’t have enough hands to get a picture of that!!)  again, repeat with the other end.


next, on the wrong side of the wooden shape using the glue gun, put a line of glue onto the shape and stick the centre of the cords onto it having three beads either side.

IMG_1462461 IMG_1463462

And there you have it… one bracelet……


…..or eight!!!!!


Lots of pretty bracelets all ready for gifts. Now I just need to decide what to do with the rest of the owl reel.

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx