Tilly Update

I thought I’d pop by with a little update on how life with a puppy is looking! 

I don’t agree with having a puppy as being  worse than having a baby, it’s a lot more like having a mischievous toddler! 

She’s a lot more settled now and will spend most of the day either sleeping (in the oddest positions) if I’m in one place, or following me about if I’m busy! 

She joins us for an after school snack, while Josh tells me about his day at school.

She loves shoes, I think most puppies do, I wonder why? Any ideas? We’ve finally given her an old shoe of her own and she’s mostly satisfied with that unless she’s in a really naughty mood! ​​If she gets something she shouldn’t have she will run and hide with it. 

Toilet training is going great as long as the weather is dry, unfortunately, Madam doesn’t like getting wet so on wet days I’m extremely thankful for this! 

She’s growing fast too and I won’t be able to carry her in one arm for much longer!

Other training had been going well as she loves learning and loves her treats!  We have a problem if I go with Josh on walks with her though. She will spend the whole time whining and barking to come up on my lap and if I finally give in I get a lot of whimpering as though she’s telling me how awful I am not letting her ride with me. 

We get same if she sees other dogs although that is slowly improving! Here she is after a walk where the grass was wet, I  didn’t let her ride on my scooter and a big dog sniffed her! 

We are just so happy to have added this little bundle of love to our family.

Wishing you all a great and creative week! 

Sharon xx


Enjoying the Summer and Tilly! 

We’re a week and a half into puppy ownership and already Tilly feels like part of the family.  Some say it’s like having another baby or worse. So how has she changed our lives?  

Nights – After some whining the first 4 nights she now sleeps through,  or at least,  we don’t hear anything from her until we go down in the morning when we are greeted by a wriggling, licking,  bundle of excitement.  I have never had such an enthusiastic morning greeting in my life as the ones Tilly gives.  

Creativity – For the first few days creativity was zero as we adjusted to the little hurricane that had entered our lives. She naps a lot but that time was spent catching up as we felt we had to be near her every waking moment to prevent accidents and destruction.  Then out came the box of ribbons and cord to create a ‘chewy, taggy’ blanket. Tilly has learnt very quickly what no means but that doesn’t stop sneaky attacks on clothes, shoes, furniture etc, especially when she first wakes up from a nap and is in an extremely playful and energetic mood. 

Thankfully 10 minutes of play soon calms her down and she’s happy to potter about.  The blanket was made by sew ribbons and cord between 2 layers of fleece fabric.  All 4 sides were quadruple stitched. 

After a few days I got my crochet out when she was in a quiet mood and surprisingly she ignored my yarn and I’ve been able to do short bursts of crochet on my cardigan, usually done with a sleepy observer and slight handicap. 

Play – Play involves Tilly tearing about after balls, attacking teddy,

 tug of war with sock toys we’ve also made for her to chew and attacking her squeaky toy by pouncing on it, growling and barking before backing away again to prepare for the next attack.  This is the only thing that makes her bark and she’s really not sure whether it’s friend or foe.

Socialising – Going out has been limited to 2 hours at a time so Tilly’s not left alone too long.  Mostly we have stayed in but we haven’t been lovely as so many people want to come and see Tilly, especially those with children.  This has been great as Josh has had plenty of other children to play with as well as Tilly having the opportunity to get used to up to 9 children at a time! 

Chill out – Thankfully,  like babies,  Tilly does sleep a lot and this is my opportunity to get on with jobs with Tilly under my feet and Josh’s opportunity to relax and read or for a bit of screen time, often with Tilly cuddled up on his lap. 

She loves sleeping in the most uncomfortable looking positions!  

Training – Training is generally proving a lot easier than anticipated.  Tilly learnt to sit and come within a couple of days. She also goes to the towel by the back door and ‘wipes’ her feet, scrabbling with her feet on the towel after coming in from outside. This one has continued since a very rainy day, when we found out that she hates getting wet!  She is also learning lie down, fetch and drop (usually someone’s shoe laces Or some other non toy she’s found lying about). 

She also knows now that she mustn’t scrabble our legs to be picked up but to sit by us. If we don’t notice we now get a little pat on the leg with a little paw and beseeching brown puppy eyes looking up at us.  

House training has been similar to having a toddler but easier.  Anticipate when she needs to go outside and go out with her until she’s fine what needs doing!  She’ll mostly whine or scratch at the door for bigger jobs but puddles are a bit more hit and miss. Thankfully it’s mostly a case of when she wakes up and after meals and with the gorgeous weather we’ve been able to be outside with her a lot of the time anyway.  At first she wouldn’t go out alone but now she will potter in and out and doesn’t have to be under our feet all the time.  We do just have to keep an eye on the Herring Gulls that are nesting nearby in case they decided she’s a threat and come down to attack. They’re quite vocal so we usually have plenty of warning when they’re about and mostly they come to the neighbours who feeds them and not into our garden.  

Lead training is a different matter.  We struggled to find a collar or harness small enough.  We finally found one in Poundland but it doesn’t stay on the tighter setting and she manages to get it with her mouth and keep worrying it. We also have to sneak out on while she’s sleeping! We’re hoping that over the next week she’ll grow enough for her to fit into a better one and we can accustom her to it before she starts to go out for walks after her next injections. 

That’s about it I think on the dog front (congrats if you’ve stuck around through all that waffle,  you can breathe a such of relief now!!)  

So the verdict on having a puppy.  Easier than I thought but still time consuming.  Only like having a baby in the sense that she naps a lot,  when she’s awake is more like having a potty training toddler with a slightly mischievous streak. Fun and great company already.  In Josh’s words, hard work but fun and like having a friend round all the time.  

Hubby has the coming two weeks off work. He’s hoping to get some jobs done around the house and then once Tilly can go out we’ll hopefully get some time out and about too. I’ll try and pop by with some pictures at least.  

Enjoy the rest of your week and Happy Crafting.

Sharon xx

Introducing Tilly!!

  • Just popping by to share some pics of the new girl in the family 🙂 Tilly,  a little cavalier king Charles spaniel. (photos by Abi)

 She is mainly Josh’s dog and is his responsibility. 

She’sbeen so good so far,  even whining at the door when she needs to go out.  

You may well be seeing quite a bit more of her. 

A Quick Make and Wips

I have been busy with various crafty bits here.  Today I decided to make a quick pop up thread catcher.  I have seen them a couple of times on Chris’s blog UK City Crafter and after crocheting all those squares together for my blanket I have got fed up with all the yarn ends lying around and ending up all over the place, usually attached to me somewhere!  I used this tutorial Chris recommended on YouTube.



I like the way it folds down and still keeps the thread safe inside!  Thanks Chris, I love it 🙂

My PJ cases are coming on slowly, I have just started embroidering onto the aprons, it has been very relaxing to sit and embroider again.  The design I am using is one I embroidered on a pram quilt when I was expecting Abi.


Just a little peep for today, I hope to do a proper post when they are all finished.

I have made a good start on Abi’s stocking pressie, in fact I finished it but the yarn I used was thinner and I wasn’t happy with it so I am about a third of the way through the second edition.  I am a lot happier with it this time.

I have some yarny plans for Josh’s stocking present this month.  I hope to KNIT him 3 budgies in colours similar to ours and sit them on a hoop similar to this.

budgies knitting pattern budgerigar  PDF email toy budgie bird parrot

I have downloaded the pattern for the above budgies from Etsy. I had pinned several crochet budgies but I just didn’t like them as much as these.  I then considered making my design but in the end I thought it was about time I stopped avoiding knitting and used the pattern I like.

I shall start with Tookey as he is completely yellow and then move on to the others.



While on the subject of the budiges, there has been a lot of excitement in our house, Tookey (yellow) and Pippin (yellow and green) have been mating.  Tookey has been busy in the nesting box preparing to lay.  We are really hoping she will lay some eggs in the next few days! 🙂

That’s about all for now, off to puzzle a bit more over how to do my blanket border!

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx

I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment.  I always try to reply as soon as possible. x

Felting Fun!

There has been lots of creativity in our home this week with both wet and needle felting.

On Monday, when Josh was off school ill, I got out the felting materials so that he could have a try at it.  He has seen Abi felting several times but never tried it himself.  This is a piece Abi needle felted for her GCSE textiles, now hanging in our lounge.


Josh decided to create a picture of his Budgie ‘Tookie’.  He seemed to know just what to do and needed very little guidance.


Laying out the felt,



felting the fibres with warm soapy water and ridged rolling pin,


and then with a car buffer!!


He then washed and dried it before needle felting it to define the edges and add extra fibres.


He hopes to add some stitching to it at some point soon so I’ll hopefully share another image with you then!




As Josh was at home Monday and Tuesday he had the rabbit in for sometime, she soon makes herself at home!!! We also had the budgies out for quite a while to stretch their wings both days!!  Tookie (the yellow one being the tamest).

On Wednesday it was 3D needle felting!!

First I showed a friend how to wet felt and then we both gave 3D felting a try for the first time.  There was a lot of laughter as the felt seemed to have a mind of it’s own and became all sorts of things before becoming what we intended it to, including a mermaid, dinosaur, Russian doll, a snowman and others! Initially we both thought that it would be a disaster and that it would be the last time we would do it (unless we needed a good laugh sometime soon) but as we persevered and they started to take on the intended shape we both found it really relaxing and enjoyable!!  We were very glad we wore finger guards!!  We jabbed  the guards many times and the odd occasion we got an unguarded finger in the way was rather painful!!


IMG_6130IMG_6135IMG_6147I made the owls (Abi loves owls so maybe a stocking present there somewhere) and my friend made the cute giraffe.  I put the baby owl in a walnut shell.  (I halved some using this method). I am thinking of maybe creating some more woodland animals and making a woodland scene? Maybe a bit ambitious with all the other creative ideas whirling about my brain at the moment but it may happen one day!!

Happy crafting!!!