Market Bargains and Old Books!!

I love a trip on a Friday to the local market.  At this particular market there are a lot of ‘junk’ stalls.  But as the saying goes ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.  Abi and I found a few ‘treasures’ today.

There was this horse for only a pound, so he had to come home with me.


Just a little glue needed and a new tail and he will look great in our conservatory.


Then there were the vintage buttons!!


Abi fell in love with this little suitcase, and then the camera that, with her love of photography, she just couldn’t resist either,


A bit of stitching needed on the case


and it has got wet at some point but a pretty fabric lining should make it into a nice little case.


My other bargain was these two books at only 50p each.


I love the old illustrations.


I just love old books, the smell, the feel of the pages, the covers, there is just something about them.  It started when I was a teenager and an old lady at our chapel used to buy old books in secondhand bookshops for us.  They were nearly always old Victorian novels.  I have read these books over and over and still enjoy reading them now.

Since then, whenever I see a book by one of my favourite authors that I don’t already have I will add it to my collection if it is not too expensive.

Some of them are well over 100 years old, (1876)


I like the inscription in this one


I have some of them up on shelves


guarded by Josh’s stick family


this old man is my favourite


I have so many favourites among my books but here are a few of them,




well worth a read if ever you get the opportunity.

Happy Crafting … and reading!!

Sharon xx

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