At Last!

Ever since we moved back down to the south coast I have been longing each spring to go the bluebell woods at Arlington.  It’s something we did as children and I love re-living childhood memories!  Well, last week we finally made it.  Abi had a day off and the sun was shining in the middle of what was proving to be a week of very random weather patterns.

All I can say is that it was amazing!  Abz took these photos and did a great job  but you still can’t capture the depth of those bluebells that just seemed to continue on and on.  The bluebells are in one of the few areas of ancient woodland left in the country that is carefully coppiced to preserve and encourage both trees and bluebells.  It was just so beautiful but I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. DSCF5389

If Abi sees this one I’ll be in trouble!!




It was just so awe inspiring.   We made it back to the car just in time for the sun to disappear and a sleet shower to add to the random weather!

I hope you enjoyed the photos and that you all enjoy the rest of your week and Happy Crafting!

Sharon xx


Enjoying the Hols and a Calmer Sea!

We are halfway through the half-term holiday already!  It has been a lovely week so far. Lots of chilling out, a bit of creativity and a trip to the sea.

It started as a trip to Eastbourne to try to find some glasses that Josh would like enough to wear, yes, at 11 years old he is starting to get incredibly fussy, I think having an older Sister doesn’t help!

After that ordeal we headed for the ‘old fashioned sweet shop’ where out of all these gorgeous colours

Abi and Josh bought themselves some candy floss.


Having said that, I did snaffle a little bit 🙂

After getting a couple of other bits we needed we headed for the beach, this time was quite a contrast to the storms of the previous week.


We sat for a while then Abi and Josh headed down to the sand and enjoyed themselves there

while I took rather a lot of photos!

Oh and I couldn’t leave out these Gull footprints!!


As we headed home Abi decided to take a detour and go up and over Beachy Head and then on to Birling Gap.  We saw the old Bell Tout lighthouse


that is once again precariously near the cliff edge after having been moved back some years ago.

We passed some horses grazing on the cliff top


and then reached Birling Gap where we stopped again and Abi and Josh went down to the beach below while I again too photos.  There we could see the ‘seven sisters’ to the right


and to the left the old coastguard Cottages that are gradually disappearing into the sea.



If you look at this link you can see when nearly two years ago they had to demolish some of the cottages and to the bottom right of the picture below you can see the remains of these cottages.


The colours were amazing, I love the blues,greys, greens and browns of these photos.


After some time we had to head back home back looking back over the town as we descended.


I love simple unexpected trips like this, it was a day to treasure up in my memory.

Are there simple things that give you a lot of pleasure?

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the week and Happy Crafting!

Sharon xx

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Postcard from Sussex – Day 2

It’s been another windy day here in Sussex.  We went down to Hove seafront for a picnic lunch today.


We sat for a while by this lake and watched the wakeboarders

SAM_086904 SAM_086803

and then while the others went for a walk by the sea I had a nap in the car!!  This afternoon we went to a beauty spot called Firle Beacon.  It was a bit hazy so the view was not as good as usual but still lovely.


We met my cousin, his wife and 7 children and we provided a picnic tea.  It was extremely windy up there so we sheltered behind the cars.


They had fun with Josh’s remote controlled car (front of pic),


the kite and playing cricket in the field.  I did some more crochet and started to teach my cousin’s wife crochet too :-).  We stayed until about 7pm when it was time to get the little ones home to bed!

Before I go just a quick pic of the rainbow yesterday evening.


Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx

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Postcards from Sussex!!

Well, we have officially started our ‘holiday at home’!!  We only had a little lie in this morning as I had a blood test booked for 8.15!  Abi had a motorway lesson at 12.30 for three hours and I had a hospital appointment this afternoon!  Rubbish planning on my part I am afraid, I really can’t have been with it when Hubby asked me which weeks to have off!

We did manage a picnic tea up on the South Downs for an hour this afternoon though until it got too chilly.


I was glad I took my shawl as it was big enough to use the ends as a rug for my legs when I got chilly!!


Josh had fun flying his kite and Abi had the all important 4G so she send photos to her friends!!


This was such a treat for me as most of you know I don’t often get out in the countryside.  I managed to use my scooter on the way but Hubby had chosen to picnic down the hill a way so the scooter struggled back up and then conked out!!  So it was a case of Josh and Hubby pushing me back to the car! I’m sure the exercise did them good 😉

The lighting was poor for pics but there were so many beautiful wild flowers.


And I even got a bit of crochet done!

I shall try to bring you more postcards over the next coupe of weeks.  Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx

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A Country Walk!

A walk in the country probably doesn’t sound so exciting to most of you but for me it is a very rare treat.  Due to the Lupus and Fibromyalgia I am only able to walk short distances with a stick or else use a wheelchair or my mobility scooter so walks through the fields are not an option any more.  What I am able to enjoy though are the walks some of you share here.  A couple of my favourites are Ericka Eckles (I love learning about all the wild flowers in her posts and then seeing them embroidered a few weeks later)  and also Bunny Mummy whose walks are through the most beautiful English countryside.  But last week was different.

Abi and I took another trip to the pretty village of Alfriston in East Sussex.


(We went there to explore on her birthday and had a lovely meal out in the Singing Kettle.)


The streets are narrow with gorgeous flint cottages, some with tiny little front doors, people must have been considerably shorter back then!


Abi was meeting someone for coffee so I took myself off on my scooter and treated myself in the little village stores


to a bakewell tart and some posh lemonade


which I ate on the green by the village church and then enjoyed the sights and sounds of village life while I crocheted.


When Abi rejoined me we decided to see if I would be able to access the river path.


To the right the path was rather bumpy but I was able to glimpse the view through these trees.



After a while and I grounded on the tree roots!  After a lot of pushing from Abi I got going again and we headed the other way.


Here a smooth grass path ran behind the back of church and parallel to the river.


I managed to bump the scooter up a small step to cross this long bridge.


Looking over the edge we could see some water lillies



and at the other end a kissing gate led into the field.  (As children we loved these gates and one would pass through leaving the gate halfway and we would kiss over the gate!)


There were steps at the end of the bridge so we turned back, past cottages


and down a narrow track where there was this lovely gate


and back into the village.

In the car park there was a flint tower


on further investigation we discovered that it was built as a playhouse!


It was so lovely to find a partially accessible country walk and lovely to have some girly time with Abz.  I hope you enjoy our walk.

Happy Crafting, I’ll be back soon with a couple of finished items 🙂

Sharon xx

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A Mystery Tour and More Surprises!

It was a normal Saturday until after lunch when Hubby said we were going on a mystery tour.  I love mystery tours, my Dad used to do them when we were young.  We all bundle in the car, often with a picnic and only the driver knows where we are going!


This time we ended up in the village of Hampden Park, where I lived all my childhood and until I got married.  We drove around the village, past all three of my schools, over the railway line where at infants school we would wave to the trains from the playground hoping it would be a friendly driver who would beep at us!  Into the village where we saw the shop I used to buy sweets in which is still a newsagents but which sadly had rather a lot of empty shops.  Then round the estate, past the house where I lived, past the garage block where my cousin and I climbed on the roof and got shouted at!   Past the rec where we used to dam up the stream, play ball etc and back into the village.


Finally we ended at the park (also called Hampden Park). It is one of those parks that offers a bit of everything.  Swings and slides, a large field for ball games, a wood, a cafe and a lake.


We spent many happy hours here every holidays and every Sunday morning for years Dad would take us for a walk and we would feed the duck.  Now it is nearly all gulls on the lake.

As we rounded the corner we were greeted with all of my younger nieces and nephews on my side of the family with a banner they had all coloured a part of.

It was so lovely, I had to wipe a tear or two!


It was too early for the daffodils as they are in a quite shady area.  (I am hoping maybe to get there in the next couple of weeks to see them).  But the crocuses were amazing!

We walked around the lake, where there were some fantastic reflections


the children all pleased to be together, happy scrambling around,


playing in the stream, and with sticks,


climbing tress


and Playing Pooh sticks at the same bridge we did as children.


We had a photo shoot of all the children on a fallen tree.

Where there was another tree with a very unusual base.


Then around the lake we came to this tree.  This was my favourite tree as a child, I always loved scrambling over the twisted roots.


Next to the tree is another little Pooh sticks bridge, thankfully nobody fell in!!


Josh (in the green) as enthusiastic as ever!

Then we left the park and headed back to my Sister’s house for a birthday tea together.

with a lovely birthday cake, made by my sister and iced by my sister-in-law.


The children played games and then we sang one of my favourite hymns around the piano and ended the day with prayer together.

It was simple but it meant so much to me to have that time with those that I love so much.

I hope you all had a great weekend too.

Sharon xx

A Sunny Winter ‘Walk’!


I love reading about all of your walks, I particularly enjoy Jacquie’s  group walk posts.  My health doesn’t allow me to walk far and my scooter just won’t do the local South Downs or muddy fields so I love seeing the hillside and country walks the rest of you enjoy, I can almost imagine myself there!

Yesterday I did get a ‘walk’.  It was a gorgeous sunny day, so welcome after many dull and wet days.  I have had a rough week but was feeling a bit better too so I decided to ‘walk’ the afternoon school run on my mobility scooter.  It has been some time since I last used it for a school run, I think the yucky weather has made me a bit lazy, plus as I don’t have a cover on the scooter I get really cold and wet and then it is just miserable! The air was crisp but not too cold as I trundled along on the way there.  It was so peaceful and I was able to just use the time to just think and pray.  I’ve really missed that part of ‘walking’ to school.!


On the way home I get to hear all about Josh’s day in between him dashing ahead on his scooter!  It was just so lovely.


On the way home we passed this tree ( – I always enjoy seeing the twisted bare branches against the winter sky).


We passed the bramble patch where we pick blackberries in the summer. (Josh eats as many as he can before we move  on).


And then through the twitten to our Close.


The sunlight was catching this bush making it feel springlike,


but immediately after there were these interesting branches reminding me it really is still winter!


Past a pile of dead leaves…


…and then home to where the violas outside the front door are still bravely trying to hold their heads up against the cold weather bringing another reminder of spring.

I really love the winter but the little reminders of spring really did make me long for a bit more colour!!

(Sorry about the quality of the Photos, they were taken on my phone!)

Happy Walking!!