Tempus Fugits! 

Tempus Fugits… Time flies. Being the daughter of a watchmaker this expression was often used in our house and haven’t the last few weeks just flown by? 

My good resolutions to once again try to blog weekly didn’t even get off the ground but instead of keep apologizing, I’m going  ask your opinion.

If you’ve followed me for any length of time then you know that the content of my blog is in the title… Creativity and family, but since my Etsy shop has become busier nearly all of my creative time and energy goes into that and I feel that I’m left with very little personal creativity to share. So the question is, would you be interested in seeing some of the things I’m making for my shop and getting some peeps behind the scenes? 

Here’s a little taster for you.

As a teen, I used to do a lot of calligraphy. As hand lettering is making such a come back I decided to make some canvas signs for the shop.

First I drew the design onto paper, 

Traced it onto a canvas

And then using masking fluid I created a resist.

I then added layers of ink

Before removing the resist to reveal the writing! 

I’ve also been working on a custom order of some bags for a lovely lady who has a shop in Switzerland.

I love the fun colors of this fabric, perfect for spring! 

My sewing space is busy in both senses of the word but I love it that way…most of the time! 

These bags are my own design for a round bottomed Japanese knot bag and they are my favorite bag for taking out and about as they hang on your arm perfectly while you work, although the round bottoms aren’t the easiest to sew.

The long handle tucks into the shorter one to close the bag.

Then there’s the dyeing, I LOVE dyeing. That would sound awful if you didn’t know what I meant! I always say it without thinking and then end up shocking people. I went into the Chemist the other week for some acid, nothing awful, just the same strength as vinegar, but it was behind the counter and the assistant asked me what I wanted it for, I said ‘to dye’… You should have seen her face, I hastily added ‘to dye wool’!! After some laughing she let me have it. Then a friend rang while I was in the middle of dyeing yarn and asked if it was convenient to chat to which I replied ‘well, I’m just dyeing at the moment’. I  think I’ll have to start calling it coloring wool or something.

A dying rack full of brightly colored yarns is becoming a familiar sight in our house especially with all the damp weather and mist we’re having lately, it’s taking its time to dry.

My favorite part is thinking up and experimenting with new colourways.  Here’s a couple of my latest with coordinating mini skeins, 

And a lovely bright rainbow of minis

And my African sunset that may just find its way into my stash instead of the shop.

So, what do you think? Would you like more frequent posts with shop creativity or only the personal content as and when I’ve got things to show and say? 

In family news, first of all, thanks so much for all your kind thoughts, messages and enquiries about Abi. She’s recovering slowly and has started a phased return to work. This week she’s doing three six hour shifts, four the week after and five the week after that. She’s managed so far but only just and comes home exhausted. It takes her the next day to get over it so she’s a bit worried about how she’ll do two in a row. The trouble is, working in a residential home is hard work and even harder when all fifty three of them have dementia! It’s not only extremely busy and physically tiring, it’s also mentally exhausting.  Her tummy pains had gone before she returned to work but they do come back after a shift at work. She did have an appointment with a hospital consultant coming up so we’re hoping they might get to the bottom of it. We’re also really hoping that it isn’t anything that she’ll have to live with but we have to keep trusting God with that one. 

Here she is with a very chilled out Tilly.  Tilly has some news for you, she became a thelady at  beginning of the month!! Thankfully she kept herself very clean.  She keeps us all well amused and on our toes. Below is her new favorite position! 

I think she’s a bit confused between how dogs sit and how humans sit! 

Josh is off ill with a flu like virus that’s going round, we’re just hoping the rest of us don’t go down with it. Here he is with His new blanket.

How have you all been? Have you managed to avoid all the illnesses at this time of year? 

I’ll leave you with a very unusual sunrise we had recently. 

Happy crafting folks!! 

Sharon xx


The #Contentment Challenge!

Abi is back home after an amazing two weeks away in Cornwall and Devon and yesterday  morning Josh left for a 5 day activities residential trip with the school so things have been a bit out of sync around here.  Josh looked a bit down in the dumps as he went off as he had been put in a group with mostly people from the other class who he doesn’t know very well and none of his friends but will be doing all sorts of fun things including caving, rock climbing, and canoeing which is so completely up his street so I’m hoping he’ll be fine!


A friend and I have just recently started the ‘#Contentment Challenge’ by Nancy Ray you can read more about it here.  In a few words Nancy is a Christian photographer and the challenge is to give up shopping for unessential for 3 months and to look for our contentment in more lasting things and not in ‘stuff’.  Hubby is rather amused and says that it’s really bad timing and he will have double ice creams on holiday ;-).  I may just be stealing a few licks from his!   It has been fairly easy so far but then we have had to be careful with our spending lately anyway, it’s the bargains I’m going to find hard to say no to, as I find it hard to walk past a bargain.  I’m just hoping my local yarn and fabric shop don’t have a sale in the next 3 months!   On the upside, I can hopefully do some serious stash busting and make some of those projects that keep getting pushed to the back of the queue because I have seen something else rather appealing to make.

I hope that you’re all enjoying the summer so far, I have just frozen some strawberries while they are at their peak for strawberry and apple crumbles in the winter to bring back memories of sunny summer days.

We were hoping to pick some elderflowers for Elderflower Champagne (click here for recipe) but I’m thinking we may be too late now this year unless we can find some sheltered ones that don’t get much sun.

Well I’m off to make the most of a little extra time and see if I can put a bit more work into Josh’s blanket 🙂

Happy Crafting and enjoy the rest of your week!

Sharon x


Creative Drought!!

My creature time seems to have disappeared! I do spend half a day a week or so creating for my shop but last year I spent hours and hours creating!  Last week there was a custom order for some of my Scripture Yarn for a community project which was great fun!  Excuse the dodgy pics, Abi has the camera atm.


Would you be more likely to buy the yarn before re-skeining (top) or after (bottom) ? 
Abi doing shift work has probably made the biggest difference to my creative time as she often has a couple of days off during the week but it’s a good exchange, it’s so special being able to spend so much time with her even though she’s in full time work and has a boyfriend! 


A pic she sent through when they arrived! 

They’ve gone down to Cornwall for a couple of weeks so I planned a lot of creativity for this week but Josh decided it was his turn for some Mum time and is off school with earache and dizzyness! 


So the creativity has been more a case of bringing the outdoors inside!  He’s created a live small animal basket trap out of sticks! I’m not too sure what he hopes to catch but we’ll see, it kept him occupied for a while anyway! 
And this is what happens when he flies hus drone too close to me!!


I did manage a couple of rows on my ‘ waiting room ‘ socks but they just don’t keep me waiting long enough to get much done!


My shawls hang over the side of my knitting /crocheting chair and are in and my shoulders day after day.  They’re so easy just to sling over my shoulders when I feel chilly:D.


It’s Abi’s birthday on Wednesday so we had a birthday gateau on Friday evening before she went away. I didn’t even get to make her a gift this year but I did find time to draw her a card, I’ll try to get a photo for next time!

I’ve started reading more again too although a lot of the ebooks have an audio option now so I’ve tended to listen while I get my jobs done! 

Before I go take a look at this,  Father-in-law saw it in a museum recently,  can you read it?


H4V3 4 CR3471V3 W33K!!

SH4R0N!! xx

Out and About!

Before I get going  I was wondering if anyone has had any problems with my posts crashing?  One lovely reader gets about halfway through reading my posts on her phone when the page crashes.  I do have a mobile compatible layout but if there’s a general problem I’ll look into changing it.

Well now for a little catch up.  We had the most gorgeous weather at the beginning of last week,  a little teaser that spring was on its way,


actually it felt like it was here but then we were back to chilly dark days again but then I guess that is probably a more accurate reflection of the British weather at this time of year. Then again today has been so gorgeous that Abi and her cousin went to the beach and knowing them they are sure to have had a paddle at the least!  (yes they did!!)
Last Monday, to make the most of the sunshine Abi and I decided to take a picnic down to the beach at Bexhill on the way to an appointment I had at nearby.


We found a little spot next to the break water that was sheltered from the wind and once I had buried the dog mess next to us it was just amazing.


Sitting quietly with no one else around,  enjoying the beauty and listening to gentle breaking of the waves.

I had thought to put sun block on, (I am photosensitive and the sun makes my lupus flare and gives me a rash) but I forgot to take a hat.  I wasn’t too worried as I didn’t think the sun would be too hot but after a while I borrowed Abi’s beanie. Unfortunately the sun was stronger than I thought so the rest of the week I paid for it but you do know what?  It was worth it,  it really was.  Those quiet moments together don’t come often enough and it was just such a lovely time.
We also managed to catch another little bit of time outside but this time it was a lot colder.  Josh had an appointment in Eastbourne so we put my wheelchair in the car and on the way we called into Hampden Park, you may remember it from this post.  It’s in the village where I grew up and I have many fond memories of walks there especially on Sunday mornings with Dad, feeding the ducks.

Josh enjoyed playing by the stream


I was busy making the most of the tree skeletons before they grow their new leaves.  I love the tree skeletons, in fact it’s become a bit of a family joke as I always comment on the trees when we go out for a drive!

and enjoyed seeing some of the old trees that I remember from when I was a little girl.

I used to love playing about on the tree roots and now it’s great to see Josh enjoying them too. (I sound really old now!)

We ended up at the swings where Josh soon disappeared into the distance and Abi had just as much fun on the swings. It was lovely just to be outside enjoying the park.

Saturday Hubby also took Josh to the skate park for the first time where he had great fun on his scooter.

Hubby had a go and of course he went flying!  Thankfully only his pride and his jeans were hurt!!

So that concluded our week on the out and about front.  I have some crafty bits to share with you soon but Abi is now off for a week and with the Easter hols I may not be about much for a couple of weeks, I guess that may well depends on what the weather does!!

Wishing all a very Happy Easter and Happy Crafting!

Sharon x





A Birthday and Mother’s Day!

It doesn’t seem possible that it’s over a year since I posted about my 40th birthday!!  This year was a lot quieter!  I didn’t have many presents as several people gifted me money which I have put by for now to wait for something special.

My first gift was early, from Abi and her boyfriend, as we had nowhere for her to hide it! They gave me two bar stools for the new breakfast bar Hubby has built.


They also gave me some flowers on the day.

Josh got me this lovely notebook which is ring bound so that I can always add more pages and a little message inside.

I also had some creme eggs.  I have a bit of a weakness for these, in fact, I had a craving for them when I was expecting Abi and they may have had something to do with the her being a rather big baby at 9lb 8oz!  I ended up with a cesarean as she was too big for me!!


Finally some blocking mats, well, they are kiddies play mats but the same as blocking mats and a lot cheaper! They were about £14 for a pack of 18 on Amazon.

Oh, I have to show you this card too!  I love it, it describes perfectly my friendship with this friend, we often talk on the phone and they are not short phone calls, it is great having freinds that you can talk to about anything and everything, do you have someone in your life like that?


We had arranged to get together again as a family on my birthday as it seems to be a weekend that suits everybody.  We went for a walk and then back to my sisters for tea.  It was lovely to get to spend time with my family on my birthday.

For Mother’s day I got some more flowers from Josh, I love the deep red with the yellow

and Abi gave me some lovely squishy yarn.  It’s Sirdar big softie and is a singles yarn.  I am thinking that some of my birthday money may have to go on some more of this, as at the moment I am thinking of crocheting a jumper with it.


Creativity time seems to be a little sparse at the moment, I think with Abi working shifts I usually keep the days and half days she is off free to do things with her if she isn’t busy which is lovely and I wouldn’t change it but it does cut down the creative time!

I hope you all have a lovely and creative week!

Oh yes, and before I go you can still get 15% off in my Etsy shop using the code ‘opening15’ until March 15th.

Sharon xx




Enjoying the Hols and a Calmer Sea!

We are halfway through the half-term holiday already!  It has been a lovely week so far. Lots of chilling out, a bit of creativity and a trip to the sea.

It started as a trip to Eastbourne to try to find some glasses that Josh would like enough to wear, yes, at 11 years old he is starting to get incredibly fussy, I think having an older Sister doesn’t help!

After that ordeal we headed for the ‘old fashioned sweet shop’ where out of all these gorgeous colours

Abi and Josh bought themselves some candy floss.


Having said that, I did snaffle a little bit 🙂

After getting a couple of other bits we needed we headed for the beach, this time was quite a contrast to the storms of the previous week.


We sat for a while then Abi and Josh headed down to the sand and enjoyed themselves there

while I took rather a lot of photos!

Oh and I couldn’t leave out these Gull footprints!!


As we headed home Abi decided to take a detour and go up and over Beachy Head and then on to Birling Gap.  We saw the old Bell Tout lighthouse


that is once again precariously near the cliff edge after having been moved back some years ago.

We passed some horses grazing on the cliff top


and then reached Birling Gap where we stopped again and Abi and Josh went down to the beach below while I again too photos.  There we could see the ‘seven sisters’ to the right


and to the left the old coastguard Cottages that are gradually disappearing into the sea.



If you look at this link you can see when nearly two years ago they had to demolish some of the cottages and to the bottom right of the picture below you can see the remains of these cottages.


The colours were amazing, I love the blues,greys, greens and browns of these photos.


After some time we had to head back home back looking back over the town as we descended.


I love simple unexpected trips like this, it was a day to treasure up in my memory.

Are there simple things that give you a lot of pleasure?

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the week and Happy Crafting!

Sharon xx

I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment.  I will try to reply as soon as possible. x



This and That!

A couple of weeks into the new year and I still find myself on a bit of a go slow.  Just quiet day to day routine with some nice creative slots here and there.

It’s great having a daughter old enough to treat you out to coffee…

And a boy to make you laugh.


The boys in Josh’s school, when the fruit is satsumas, save a section for the afternoon lesson and see who can make it last the longest.  When asked what do you with it when you have to speak to the teacher he said ‘put it here’…


We went to see my dear old Grandad at the weekend.  Hubby was putting up some extra rails on the stairs.  He is nearly 94 and still manages on his own, cooking his own meals and just having help with his cleaning and garden.  Some of the grandchildren take it in turns to do the cleaning and my Mum helps with other bits and does the garden.  He has 16 grandchildren and 49 great grandchildren with another on the way.  Most of us are fairly local and so are able to pop and see him which he loves.  There are always sweets and biscuits in the cupboard for the children!

There are so many nik-naks in his house, mostly gifts from grandchildren over the years and a whole long wall of photos. (I couldn’t fit them all in!)


We are just so blessed to still have him with us.

We have finally had a little sun which Abz tried to catch a little of while she read a book, all bundled up in the garden.


I’ve been enjoying some chai latte my Aunty brought when they came to tea and I absolutely love it!  A lovely alternative to hot chocolate.


Abi put fruit teas on her list and got this lovely tin with some great flavours in, she usually asks me to surprise her if I’m making her a drink, so I get to pick out what I fancy trying a sip of!

So far our favourite is peach and ginger which surprised us as neither of us are great fans of ginger drinks.

Josh is drinking herbal tea!!  He is really having trouble getting to sleep at night and this seems to be helping.


Are you a traditional tea and coffee drinker or do you like to experiment with flavours?

I have some crafty bits to show you soon but for now it’s goodbye so…

Happy Crafting and have a great creative week.

Sharon xx

I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment.  I will try to reply as soon as possible. x