Another Mile On The Clock!

Well folks, I’m a year older and it was a lovely couple of days transition!
On Saturday Hubby took me out shopping. That may not sound very exciting, but believe me, to get him and Josh anywhere near the shops is an achievement, let alone traipse and after me for three hours!
We went to Lewes which isn’t too far from us but I had never been there before. It was lovely. It’s an old town with a very steep hill (I whizzed around on my scooter) and I could easily spend a day there just absorbing all the history. I found this plaque particularly interesting.

It was on the wall above this plate of glass set in the pavement where the steps lead down to the prison. You would have to lay down to fit through the opening halfway down the steps.

As well as the history there were a couple of street stalls, one selling ethically made clothing which was all on sale so I grabbed a couple of bargains ūüôā

Then Hubby actually pointed out a craft shop to me and patiently waited while I browsed! 

It had a little of everything from art supplies to yarn and buttons. And I spent less than ten pounds!! 

Then it was lunch time but the town was heaving and everywhere was packed so we headed off to another town to find a bakery. When we got there the bakers were just closing so we opted for fish and chips. 

It was one of those times when there is a purpose to our plans going wrong. In the chip ago we bumped into’Aunty’ Helen. She isn’t a real Aunty but she was Howard’s neighbor for the first seventeen years of his life. They are the most amazing and kind couple and did so much for Hubby and his sister when their Mum died leaving his Dad with two preschoolers.  They looked after them for hours  at a time and were always there for the family throughout the years.

It was great to see her and she invited us to eat at their house and to visit her husband, Derek, who had fallen and fractured his scull out in Australia over Christmas! He had to spend six weeks in hospital and rehab. At one point they were told that if he didn’t come round in 24 hours, he wouldn’t make it. Thankfully he did and is doing amazingly well, although there are some lasting effects he is struggling with! 

Derek is the sort of person who cannot waste anything and Josh is fascinated with his garden! 

He used to have disabled children come for the afternoon to explore and play in his garden and see the animals but sadly that has had to stop because of health and safety! 

But he still has one sheep left which according to Josh is more like a donkey! 

So that was our adventure at the weekend. 

On Monday, my actual birthday, Abz treated me out to a coffee. We tried out an adorable little cafe in a little old fashioned village store.

I pigged with pancakes, maple syrup and fried banana! 

Then we rounded up  day with Abz cooking me dinner and a lovely creme egg brownie birthday cake! 

It’s so beautiful when everyone makes you feel so special and loved. It is certainly in the little things that love really is! 

Have a great and creative day and weekend friends! 

Sharon xx


A Birthday and my Favorite Tools atm.

Guess what we’ve been eating?….

Hubby had a birthday last week so there have been rather a lot of calories consumed here in Sussex! 

If you’ve followed me for any length of time you’ll probably know what’s coming next. Yep, monkey bread and birthday gateau.

One of my favorite yarns was inspired by this chocolate version of our birthday gateau and if you’re on Instagram you can see it knit up into a sock @grosifrick. She had also bought some of my yarns for a ‘find your fade’ shawl so I’m looking forward to seeing that when it’s all knit up.  I love seeing what people make with my yarns.

You can find the gateau recipe here and the monkey bread recipe is by Barbara bakes which you can find here. I add a twist to the recipe and I also put half a square of dark chocolate in the centre of each ball of dough to make it extra special.

I also treated Hubby to a venison roast on his birthday.

I think all that is going to mean I need to be rather strict with myself this week. And save up the treats for the end of the month when it’s my birthdayūüėā. 

On the creative front, there’s been a tiny bit of ‘me’ creativity. I’ve managed six rows of knitting on my shawl since I last blogged, which I don’t think I even told you about. I started it a few weeks ago.

 I’m using my bfl with nylon yarn in the Valley Hues colourway. Purple Is not a me color but I fell in love with this one so I couldn’t resist using it!  I’m using the Karise pattern from Ravelry and I was inspired by the beautiful shawls that my lovely friend Ericka Eckles has made. And as you can see I’ve finally worked out how to add links on my phone ūüėÄ

In shop creativity I’ve been having a big dpn needle holder sew up, So hopefully there should be more of them in my shop soon. 


Making these has been made so much easier by a couple of sewing tools I have so I did a short video to show you and share….. Aghh. It’s the first time I’ve done this and I don’t look very smiley but I’m sharing it anyway so have fun watching it, I’ll never be a t.v. Presenter that’s for sure! ūüėā

Do have any great gadgets or things favorite things to share? I’d love to know. I may even add a ‘what I’m loving this week’ to my posts just for fun. Probs not a video though!! ! 

Have a very happy and creative week friends

Sharon xx

Cookies, Fudge and Mince Pies.

I wanted to share these recipes that¬†are a must have in our house over Christmas. ¬† I have tried many different recipes for all three ¬†but for the past few years I have only used these recipes, you¬†just can’t beat them in my opinion!

Sharon’s Chocolate Chip Cookies – adapted from a handed down recipe


6oz Plain Flour

1 tsp Baking Powder

1/2 tsp Bicarbonate of Soda

3oz White Granulated sugar

30z Hard Margarine or Butter

3 slightly rounded Tblsp Golden Syrup

80z Your favourite Chocolate chopped into chunks (or chocolate chips)


At Christmas I use about 7oz white chocolate and 2oz of  dried cranberries.

For double chocolate chip cookies replace 1oz of the flour with 10z of cocoa powder.  These are also great with white chocolate.


Heat the oven to 190c (180 fan oven, gas mk 5, 375F)

Sift the flour, baking powder and Bicarbonate of soda into a bowl

Add the sugar

Rub in the fat until it resembles breadcrumbs

Stir in the syrup to form a sticky dough

Mix in the chocolate chunks

Pull off lumps of the mixture about the size of a large walnut, don’t roll and space well apart on greased baking trays or silicone baking sheets and bake for 8 – 10 minutes until lightly golden.

After about 5 minutes transfer to a cooling rack to cool.

Mince Pies

Here is the link to my absolute favourite mince pie recipe. ¬†I always use either softened butter or spreadable butter because if you use hard butter it just won’t bind together, ¬†with soft butter you can then roll it out also. ¬†The pastry is delicious, closer to shortbread really.

White Chocolate Fudge


I’m not sure where this recipe originated but this soft delicious indulgence is addictive and makes great gifts…. if there is any left to give away! ¬†We have made two¬†batches this morning, it is so quick and easy.


25 oz Golden Caster Sugar

250 ml evaporated milk

pinch of salt

2 1/2 oz butter

2 tsps Vanilla Extract

1 lb 5 oz (600g) White Chocolate


Line two¬†7″ x 11″ baking tins with magic liner or greaseproof paper, alternatively just grease them.

Break the chocolate into a bowl and microwave for about 3 minutes, stirring every 1 minute until melted, set aside.

Gently heat the sugar, milk, butter and salt until the sugar has dissolved, stirring continuously.

Increase the heat and bring to the boil, as soon as there are the first bubbles of boiling reduce the heat and set a timer for five minutes, still stirring continuously.

Immediately the timer goes off remove from the heat and stir in the 2 tsp of vanilla extract, followed by the melted chocolate, stirring as you add it.

Pour straight into the pans and leave to set.  Cut into squares and enjoy!

Happy Cooking!!

Sharon xx

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Christmas Preparations and Ouch!!

Warning, if you are in the kitchen preparing for Christmas don’t¬†unblock the blender with your finger!


I know, I mean how can anyone be so stupid? ¬†….Obviously I can.

I had been pushing myself too far, the Lupus had fogged my brain and I¬†just didn’t even think about unplugging the blender before unblocking it.

Thankfully I am right handed and it was a finger on my left hand that I cut. ¬†I have 3/4″ cut on my knuckle just below the nail and another that went right across¬†my nail cutting right through it and some way into the skin below. ¬†(I could bend my finger where a bend shouldn’t be!)

This all happened on Friday, I was in the middle of cooking a mini Christmas dinner with Abi as Abi and boyfriend won’t be with us for lunch Christmas day. The plan was to have a lovely dinner and then all put the tree up together. ¬†Well even with a nasty cut there was no way I was going to leave the dinner so I just held kitchen roll really tight around it while Abi and Josh carried on with getting the dinner.

After about 3/4 hour it was still bleeding a lot and I knew I needed to get it sorted but the thought of Accident and Emergency on a Friday night was not appealing.  Then a friend called by whose son works in the local A and E, she said he was at home that day and whisked me off to his home where he fixed it for me, yay! I was so grateful to them and we did get our dinner eventually.

Then it was time to decorate the tree.  We started by putting the lights on and then add all of the ornaments (tinsel is banned from the tree!).


We started a new family tradition with our children and that is that each year I get them a new ornament for the tree.  The idea being that one day when they have their own home all being well they will all their childhood ornaments to take with them.  Do you have any Christmas traditions?

A lot of Abi’s ornaments are owl themed

With a couple of Willow Tree ornaments recently added.


I love the Willow Tree range and I have several of the larger ornaments myself. ¬†They are very simple and although they don’t have facial features they seem to express so much.

Josh’s are a little more boyish.

This year I gave him a Ferrari key ring to hang on the tree as he so keen on super-cars at the moment but apparently it was too special to go on the tree and he has put it safe in his bedroom ready for when he gets his Ferrari!!  He has high ambitions that boy!

and of course I couldn’t leave Abi’s boyfriend out…


There are also other ornaments, among them some that I or the children made.


a few robins

and a bauble that was Hubby’s as a boy.


and some other favourites collected over the years.

including a few with photos.

I just love this time of year so much.  Christmas is just such a special time, both with my faith and also the time it gives you to spend with family.

Have fun preparing for your Christmas and Happy Crafting!

Sharon xx

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A Quick Recipe for the Weekend!

One of our favourite snacks at the moment is homemade tortilla chips.


All you need is a pack of tortilla/deli wraps, oil and seasoning.


First cut the wraps into 8 wedges and lay out onto baking sheets.


Brush each individual wedge with vegetable or olive oil.


Sprinkle with your favourite seasoning.  So far we have used chili and garlic with a little salt.  Just salt on its own.  Garlic powder and thyme.  salt and vinegar (if you do this brush each wedge with a little vinegar before you put the oil on.


Pop in the oven (Gas mk 4, 180c, 350f)  for 8-10 minutes or until lightly browned and crisp.



Have a great weekend and Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx

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When Josh gets in the kitchen!!


Sometimes after school I hear a clatter in the kitchen and secretly groan!!


When Josh was little he loved to help bake, as he has grown older he likes to do it all alone. ¬†Sounds fine, but the problem is that he refuses to follow a recipe. ‘No, I’m making up my own recipe Mum’!!! ¬†(Groan) Well, as you can imagine we have had all sorts of doughy cakes and tough biscuits, Some have been okay, some politely edible and others discreetly disappear – uneaten….. until the last couple of months when all his experimentation is finally working out.

In February he made some ‘buns’ which were not just edible but enjoyable and very well presented on a scewer.


Yesterday, again, after school Josh got busy in the kitchen. ¬†I have offered him a recipe many times but he had always been adamant that he was doing it his way but this time I persuaded him to accept a basic cake recipe and he could add other things, eg chocolate chips, sultanas etc. ¬†But Josh wasn’t going to be that boring and he decided to add lemon juice, milk, melted chocolate, cocoa powder and melted butter. I was not at all sure how they would turn out!

Into the oven they went, they rose, and they looked good.  Josh served them this morning for breakfast with fresh cream and raspberries.  They were delicious!!


I am thinking that maybe now it is time to start trusting my budding chef a little more!!

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx