Tempus Fugits! 

Tempus Fugits… Time flies. Being the daughter of a watchmaker this expression was often used in our house and haven’t the last few weeks just flown by? 

My good resolutions to once again try to blog weekly didn’t even get off the ground but instead of keep apologizing, I’m going  ask your opinion.

If you’ve followed me for any length of time then you know that the content of my blog is in the title… Creativity and family, but since my Etsy shop has become busier nearly all of my creative time and energy goes into that and I feel that I’m left with very little personal creativity to share. So the question is, would you be interested in seeing some of the things I’m making for my shop and getting some peeps behind the scenes? 

Here’s a little taster for you.

As a teen, I used to do a lot of calligraphy. As hand lettering is making such a come back I decided to make some canvas signs for the shop.

First I drew the design onto paper, 

Traced it onto a canvas

And then using masking fluid I created a resist.

I then added layers of ink

Before removing the resist to reveal the writing! 

I’ve also been working on a custom order of some bags for a lovely lady who has a shop in Switzerland.

I love the fun colors of this fabric, perfect for spring! 

My sewing space is busy in both senses of the word but I love it that way…most of the time! 

These bags are my own design for a round bottomed Japanese knot bag and they are my favorite bag for taking out and about as they hang on your arm perfectly while you work, although the round bottoms aren’t the easiest to sew.

The long handle tucks into the shorter one to close the bag.

Then there’s the dyeing, I LOVE dyeing. That would sound awful if you didn’t know what I meant! I always say it without thinking and then end up shocking people. I went into the Chemist the other week for some acid, nothing awful, just the same strength as vinegar, but it was behind the counter and the assistant asked me what I wanted it for, I said ‘to dye’… You should have seen her face, I hastily added ‘to dye wool’!! After some laughing she let me have it. Then a friend rang while I was in the middle of dyeing yarn and asked if it was convenient to chat to which I replied ‘well, I’m just dyeing at the moment’. I  think I’ll have to start calling it coloring wool or something.

A dying rack full of brightly colored yarns is becoming a familiar sight in our house especially with all the damp weather and mist we’re having lately, it’s taking its time to dry.

My favorite part is thinking up and experimenting with new colourways.  Here’s a couple of my latest with coordinating mini skeins, 

And a lovely bright rainbow of minis

And my African sunset that may just find its way into my stash instead of the shop.

So, what do you think? Would you like more frequent posts with shop creativity or only the personal content as and when I’ve got things to show and say? 

In family news, first of all, thanks so much for all your kind thoughts, messages and enquiries about Abi. She’s recovering slowly and has started a phased return to work. This week she’s doing three six hour shifts, four the week after and five the week after that. She’s managed so far but only just and comes home exhausted. It takes her the next day to get over it so she’s a bit worried about how she’ll do two in a row. The trouble is, working in a residential home is hard work and even harder when all fifty three of them have dementia! It’s not only extremely busy and physically tiring, it’s also mentally exhausting.  Her tummy pains had gone before she returned to work but they do come back after a shift at work. She did have an appointment with a hospital consultant coming up so we’re hoping they might get to the bottom of it. We’re also really hoping that it isn’t anything that she’ll have to live with but we have to keep trusting God with that one. 

Here she is with a very chilled out Tilly.  Tilly has some news for you, she became a thelady at  beginning of the month!! Thankfully she kept herself very clean.  She keeps us all well amused and on our toes. Below is her new favorite position! 

I think she’s a bit confused between how dogs sit and how humans sit! 

Josh is off ill with a flu like virus that’s going round, we’re just hoping the rest of us don’t go down with it. Here he is with His new blanket.

How have you all been? Have you managed to avoid all the illnesses at this time of year? 

I’ll leave you with a very unusual sunrise we had recently. 

Happy crafting folks!! 

Sharon xx


Creative Drought!!

My creature time seems to have disappeared! I do spend half a day a week or so creating for my shop but last year I spent hours and hours creating!  Last week there was a custom order for some of my Scripture Yarn for a community project which was great fun!  Excuse the dodgy pics, Abi has the camera atm.


Would you be more likely to buy the yarn before re-skeining (top) or after (bottom) ? 
Abi doing shift work has probably made the biggest difference to my creative time as she often has a couple of days off during the week but it’s a good exchange, it’s so special being able to spend so much time with her even though she’s in full time work and has a boyfriend! 


A pic she sent through when they arrived! 

They’ve gone down to Cornwall for a couple of weeks so I planned a lot of creativity for this week but Josh decided it was his turn for some Mum time and is off school with earache and dizzyness! 


So the creativity has been more a case of bringing the outdoors inside!  He’s created a live small animal basket trap out of sticks! I’m not too sure what he hopes to catch but we’ll see, it kept him occupied for a while anyway! 
And this is what happens when he flies hus drone too close to me!!


I did manage a couple of rows on my ‘ waiting room ‘ socks but they just don’t keep me waiting long enough to get much done!


My shawls hang over the side of my knitting /crocheting chair and are in and my shoulders day after day.  They’re so easy just to sling over my shoulders when I feel chilly:D.


It’s Abi’s birthday on Wednesday so we had a birthday gateau on Friday evening before she went away. I didn’t even get to make her a gift this year but I did find time to draw her a card, I’ll try to get a photo for next time!

I’ve started reading more again too although a lot of the ebooks have an audio option now so I’ve tended to listen while I get my jobs done! 

Before I go take a look at this,  Father-in-law saw it in a museum recently,  can you read it?


H4V3 4 CR3471V3 W33K!!

SH4R0N!! xx

This and That!

Do you remember my last Wips post?  Well, after I wrote that, my body took fright and mounted a protest.  My neck made the most fuss and decided that it would force me into a crochet break!  Thankfully I had just finished the beret for Abi



and the first of the shawls on my Christmas makes list.   The shawl is the same colour as the one I made myself and I am still enjoying crocheting the same pattern which is surprising for me as I easily get bored of repeating the same thing over and over, I wonder if the enthusiasm will last to shawl number five?


The yarn is a delight to work even though it is lace weight, it is just so soft. (I’ts made from baby alpaca and mulberry silk.)

So, what did I do with myself? Well, the usual housework and mothering continued, all be it at a slower pace.

I gently wound some of the yarn for the other shawls despite a little neck protest,


I added a strip of scrap card to the ball band so that I could put it around the yarn cakes


I love the pattern the yarn winder makes!


I also made a few more balls of tarn


and as things improved I turned the heel on my second sock (Yay!!)


Don’t look too closely, I’m only learning!!  😉

Then there have been evening stories and cake outside by the fires Josh has made in an old barbeque.



Being a boy there is a lot of  poking about in the fire and lighting sticks.


This fire burnt so hot that some of the flames were green but I couldn’t catch it on the camera.


As the wood burned it looked fascinating, almost like a fiery landscape.


Josh has decided he would like a bonfire party for his birthday this year.

There has been lots of list making, trying to get my head around all that I need to do and buy to get all my gifts made.

The scrabble letters have been back out,


sorted and measured.


I am short of a letter H but when that is rectified I can get on with these presents.

I have signed up to Sheila’s Blog Secret Santa, which I am really looking forward to.

Oooh yes, also, before I had to stop the crochet, I made a quick scarf for a niece for her 11th birthday. In honour of the effort to be more creative I made up my own pattern.


I used some yarn that I found in a charity shop, it has short bobbly sections and longer fine sections in the yarn.


I was really pleased with it and will share the pattern with you sometime.


I left the tassles long so that she could choose to cut to her own length.


I have also embroidered the faces on my mice and rabbit pyjama cases.


Just a little more embellishing and they will be finished.

Oh yes, the ‘turbie’ towels are finished too.

So hopefully a few finished objects to show you soon.

I hope you all have a very happy weekend.

Happy Crafting

Sharon xx

I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment.  I will try to reply as soon as possible. x

‘To be More Creative’

There are so many gorgeous patterns out there, places like Pinterest and your blogs offer so many fantastic creative ideas, I have two large A4 ring binders stuffed with patterns I would like to make someday and a ridiculous amount of Pinterest boards with at least five dedicated solely to crochet!

So as you can see I have no shortage of things to make but then I read a couple of posts over recent weeks by the lovely Bekki of Creativity Cauldron.

In the first post that got me thinking Bekki looked back over her first six months of Blogging and what she had learnt.  Now I instantly pricked my ears up at this as I too had just reached 6 months of blogging. There were two of Bekki’s ten points that particularly resonated with me the first was…

I don’t spend enough time ‘playing’ with my creativity.

and the second …

To take a more experimental approach to my work.

I was being so inspired by everyone ‘around’ me in this online creative community that I was forgetting to be creative myself so then and there I resolved to be more creative.  Not a lot happened on this front over the hols other than a little stitchery but then this post by Bekki about experimenting and these points in particular really got me thinking about it again. (If you have a minute I would really recommend going over and reading these posts).

  • I don’t spend enough time ‘playing’ with my creativity.
  • I can take things far too seriously.
  • I need to take a more experimental approach.

I am loving this creative process so much, I am still getting so much inspiration from your blogs and patterns but I am trying to take these in my own direction and add my own individual touch to them. I do find it takes a bit lot longer as I am having to do all the hard background work myself but there is such a sense of achievement at the end. So here are my first two ‘experiments’.

The first was a stitchery inspired by the work of Jenny over at Elephanz.  I fell in love with her stitcheries some time ago and when I realised that my eldest niece was about to turn 21 I wanted to embroider her a verse from the Bible as a special extra gift and hopefully start a little tradition among my nieces and nephews (that will keep me busy over the coming years – my sister has 9 and my brother has just had number five, six weeks early while on holiday in Wales in their holiday cottage, they had to spend an extra two weeks down there as baby was in special care but home now and mother and baby doing well 🙂 ). Anyway, back to where I was about to embroider a verse for niece!   I looked at Jenny’s lovely patterns, she has some lovely free stitcheries with bible verses on but I felt I would like to use a verse that I felt I was to do just for her and I also remembered my resolution to be more creative and designed my own.

The verse I chose was ‘I will trust and not be afraid’.  The writing was the easy part as I taught myself calligraphy as a teen and love doing any fancy writing.  Then there was the inspiration for the border.  This came from a box Hubby got out when having a rummage our loft (that is about all you can do in our loft, with four of us in little two bedroom and me being a bit of a hoarder our loft is jam packed full)!!  It was a box with all those ‘sentimental’ bits from childhood in and among was this design I did when I was about 13.


I took inspiration from this design and interpreted it in a style similar to Jenny’s and the result was this.


It is worked mostly in back stitch with the occasional french knot.



I spent a lot of time working on it while we were on our ‘holiday at home’!


She was thrilled with it and I was so glad I had taken the time to make something special for her, she is such a dear kind and thoughtful girl.

My second creative attempt was for one of my cousins’ children, her youngest (well over 40 of them in all and counting, most of them local so we see a lot of them!). I digress again, sorry!!! Anyway, this little treasure has just gone into her own bedroom and it is all pretty and pink so I decided to crochet her some butterfly bunting.  I did my usual peruse of Pinterest but nothing really grabbed my attention, then remembering again my creativity endeavour (not sure where on earth all the big words are coming from today, not the usual me ;-)), I decided that I ought to just make up my own pattern and this is the result!


and close up.




I love it, I spent a lot of time going over the pattern and reworking it so they are all very slightly different but eventually I was satisfied and I was really pleased with the result.  I backed them onto felt to stiffen them, added some brads I had by to add a bit of interest and used doubled up yarn to join them together, what do you think?

I hope I haven’t bored you too much with all my waffling on!  What inspires you?  Do you like to design your own or use a pattern?

I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the sunshine if you have it in your little part of the world  at the moment 🙂

Happy Crafting!!
Sharon xx

I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment.  I will try to reply as soon as possible. x

From Football to Homework with a little creativity!


All I can say is, I wish I had that level of energy!! (or ability as Josh has just reminded me, peeping over my shoulder – as if I couldn’t do that…easy, walking stick in one hand I could spin as well !!!)

SAM_05741049 SAM_05631048 SAM_05621047 SAM_05521044 SAM_05501043 SAM_05441041

It has been lovely to have it dry enough for Josh to burn off a little energy.  He has been looking up football tricks online and practicing his skills. The wind has been bitterly cold but  not cold enough to put him off or for long trousers!

After the energetic days Josh has spent the evenings more sedately with the latch hook rug kit he was given for Christmas.  He hadn’t been too interested in it at first but this week he decided to give it a try.  He has joined me on the sofa while I have been crocheting and he has really enjoyed it.  It has the picture printed on but it isn’t clear enough to follow so he has been having to use the chart but has managed it fine.


Poor Abi has had rather boring hols in comparison, wading through hours of coursework 😦  It will all be worth it in the end but she is finding it rather tough, she really could use a break but just doesn’t have the time, maybe she can manage a bit of a break over the weekend.


I have managed to find a little sewing time here and there and my PJ cases now all have dresses


and I have stitched on the little buttons to fasten the shoulder straps.

SAM_05911060 SAM_05891058

I am now looking forward to embroidering something special on the aprons!

So the hols are flying by, enjoying each others company and being a little naughty from time to time….


…caramel doughnuts, filled with loads of soft gooey caramel !!  Every hols we treat ourselves and pop into our favourite bakers for some goodies, today was the day!!

Hope you all have a lovely Easter,

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx

Spinning, WIP’s and a Bargain!!


It’s been a creative few days here.  I’ve been spinning, unpicking crochet 😦 , I’ve started a scarf and made some progress with the pj cases.

But first I still have a bit spring left in the house from Mother’s day to show you.


This is the last of the bouquet that Abi gave me along with some miniature daffs from the garden.  And of course a warm hot cross bun, with oodles of melting butter!

I could’t leave it too long before another attempt at spinning.  I chose these three softly bright colours!  The yellow and pink make me think of neopolitan ice cream and the blue is just yummy and goes so well with the others.


I started by going from one colour to another but soon noticed that where the colours overlapped I was getting a two colour twist which I really liked.  So for the rest of the yarn I spun alternating colours together.


I am really pleased with it but I’m not sure if I am doing it right, especially the amount of twist, this time I used less twist than last time which seems better.  It is not all an even thickness but I have managed to get a thinner yarn overall.  I now just have to decide what mini project I can create with it, any ideas?….

Josh is itching to have a spin, so I need to use my yarn up soon.

I have been steadily unpicking the squares I had already joined of my owl and flower granny blanket, I am also waiting for the buttons to arrive that I can sew them onto the owl’s eyes. Then I need to add my extra round to each square.


I am thinking of using the join as you go method.  Have you have used it?  If you have, is it easy and do you know of any good tutorials?

My PJ cases are coming on nicely.  I have all the skirts sewn and have just started attaching them to the bodices.

They are really starting to look similar to how I remember my PJ case when I was little.  I am hoping that the aprons will really finish them off.

I find it really special when creating something that brings back memories. Do you find that?  I seem to be frequently down memory lane at the moment, maybe the memories just seem more special since Dad passed on.

I have started a scarf for my sister.  She has asked me to crochet one for next winter but I wanted to start it while we still having some wintry days!!  It just doesn’t feel right doing it on a sunny spring day so it will be my rainy and cold weather project!


I am using a pattern I have used for several scarves, I will try to put it up on here when I have finished the scarf if anyone is interested.

Lastly my bargain!  I found this duvet cover at the local market for £1.  It doesn’t look worn at all and I have now got two lovely large coordinating pieces of fabric.  I think Abi is already planning things to make with it.


Well, that’s it for now, thanks for all your kind comments, I am always pleased to hear from you,

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx

One (Or Three) A Month Challenge – January

I just made it!!!

As some of you will know, inspired by Jennifer over at thistlebear I set myself the challenge of completing one ‘Me’ project a month.  (I start things for myself or the home but there always seems to be something with a deadline pushing its way in front.)  I also decided I would like to try to complete one stocking present for Abi and Josh a month. This last Christmas I had so many ideas but then had so little time after I had finished making all the other presents that I had to scrabble around to get a couple of bits made at the last minute.

Well, here I am with my first month’s projects complete!!

For Abi the 3d needle felted Owls


And for Josh the 3d needle felted tiger!!


And I actually managed to complete 3 ‘Me’ projects

The shawl  –  It is so gorgeously soft!!


The ‘Count Your Blessing’ Jar


and the decopatch frames.  (These are waiting for some nice photos to go inside them).


I have really enjoyed this challenge, it has kept me more focused and I have also found time to make a couple of gifts as well.  I have finished the present I was making for Hubby, I’m hoping to share some photos soon.

Happy Crafting!! xx