I’m Back and Needing to Pick your Brains! 

I feel as though I’ve really neglected this little space lately, I have good intentions of weekly posts but they just don’t happen. ☹️ I love the friendliness here and I always feel bad when I neglect you all. So here I am. 

Last time I spoke about my next knitting project which I plan to take on holiday in the summer. I know it’s ages away but I’m kind of excited now we have our tent 😀.  I had a request for some sets of seven coordinating skeins for ‘find your fade’ shawls so while I was experimenting I chose a set to keep for myself. What do you think? 

These are the other colourways I created. This one…

And then this one with skeins that are more shaded than variegated. 

Then another variegated set in earth tones 

And finally a rainbow set but I only have a photo of this dying atm! 

These sets were such fun to create! 

I hope you’re all enjoying some beautiful spring/autumn weather. We’ve had some gorgeous days here recently, just like a cool summer day! 

Thanks for all your encouragement for Abi in her new role at work. This is where I need to pick your brains! She’s hoping to hold a garden party in the summer and she was wondering if you had any ideas of things she could do? She’s needing ideas of things she can make with the residents (all with some form of dementia so they can’t be complicated ideas) and then she hopes to sell these at the garden party. She’s also looking for ideas of what else to have at the party, again things with minimal outlay. Any funds raised she then gets to use in the future to fund activities with the residents. 

Abi’s loving her new role by the way. She gets the best of both worlds, caring and using her creativity! Both of the owners have separately complimented her when they’ve been in and apparently they never complimen , so that’s been a huge encouragement to her. She’s done all sorts of crafts, baking, gardening, music etc. She’s also hoping to get volunteers in the local community to come in and do things with the residents such as playing instruments, the local school children to visit etc. Again, any ideas most welcome😀

I hope that all of you in England have a wonderful bank holiday weekend and I wish everyone else a beautiful weekend too. Happy crafting! 

Sharon xx


Good to be Back! 

Hi everyone, so good to be back after my mini summer blogging break. My aim is to hop on here at least once a week but we’ll see how that goes as our little addition,

 good as she is, (most if the time) seems to have made life a whole lot busier. I’ll try and give you more of an update on Tilly soon for those of you that are interested? 

We had a fantastic time while Hubby was off work for two weeks. The weather was amazing. The first week was a working holiday and Hubby certainly worked hard! 

We used to have a wedge shaped piece of land between the house and the garage. At the from its the width out a doorway but at the back is quite a bit wider so Hubby built a shed to fill in the gap! 

As you can see it’s not quite finished. A little more work on the roof, another coat of paint and some glass for the window needed yet!  And the best thing is that all the wood you can see, including the door didn’t cost us a penny! 

Between bits leftover from jobs and wood with slight defects that the local shed company leave out for people to help themselves to, we have managed to do this at a very low cost. 

Inside is a bit junky at the moment but you can see the basic layout. The tall brown cupboard on the right will go and there’ll be a butler sink there. The door on the left is where Hubby knocked through to the garage. Wellies and old coats will come out here. We have an extra fridge and freezer out here too and eventually the washing machine will be here too and I’ll have a dishwasher indoors. To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’m quite happy washing up by hand and I like the convenience of having the washing machine indoors but we’ll see, I’m sure I’ll love it once I get used to it!

 Reading that back makes me sound old and stuck in my ways, oops. It must be being the wrong side  of forty. I must admit though that change does bother me a bit more than it used to but I’m determined not to get like that as I get older. 

I have a little Tilly who just whined to come up on my lap as they’re drilling next door and she’s a little wimp when it comes to noises! 

So, what did Josh do during this week? He helped Hubby at times, played with Tilly quite a bit and played in the pool. Yes we, well Josh really, has a small pool in the garden. He worked with his cousin, helping him with some gardening for a day and a half and earned himself enough money to buy a 12′ diameter pool. We have had so much use out of it and had lots of friends round to see Tilly and have a dip! 

Abhi was working as she’d already had a holiday with her boyfriend’s family but working shifts she was able to be with us some of the time. 

Well I’ve rambled rather so I’ll leave our second  week and tell you about that another time. 

I hope you’re all doing well and have a lovely and creative week.

Sharon xx

Enjoying Spring!

It’s been a lovely sociable but hectic half-term so I’m just popping by with a few photos of the garden!IMG_5916

The clematis was beautiful this year, I’m afraid this photo doesn’t really do it justice!

Josh had some lovely flowers in his wildlife pond or should I say Abi’s pond that Josh created for her 18th Birthday!

The Cherry Blossom


and others pops of colour appearing in the garden

Sorry it’s just a quick visit but Josh and his cousin are now having a bonfire in the garden so I need to be keeping a bit of eye on them!!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and Happy Crafting!

Sharon xx

Half Term Fun.

Well the half-term week has come and gone with a quite a lot of evidence yet to be tidied away!!

It was good to see Josh getting his playmobil out again, it’s been a while, it’s sad seeing him gradually grow out of his toys.  Dry days are okay, he loves being outside but the rainy days are getting harder to find things to occupy him so I was grateful for a mostly dry week!  There is some serious tidying to be done now!


The main outdoor activity involved a lot of digging!  It started with a hole dug as a hunt for clay to make pots with, resulting in rather a lot of muddy bowls and buckets left in the garden.  Actually, this is Josh’s version of tidying, they were right outside the back door!  Hmmm, a few more lessons needed here!


A few days later a bit LOT more digging took place as Josh dug deeper and wider to make an army trench!!  This then had to be photographed to make an ‘army’ card for his cousin who has just started chemo for Lymphoma.  (He is 14 and we would really appreciate your thoughts and prayers for him.)


The following day the hole was dug even more and Josh had an amazing game with 2 of his cousins in there.  In the evening Josh proudly showed his Dad for the first time, you should have seen his face!!!  (The hole is over 1 metre/yard deep).

Poor ole Hubby, he had just started to think that the garden could be kept a bit nicer as Josh grows up, but he was very good and didn’t voice what I could plainly see on his face until he came indoors!! It took my mind back to this post and what is really important in a garden!

Some days we spent quietly, pottering, crochet for me, playing for Josh.  Then we went to stay with the in-laws for the weekend.  It was my Sister-in-law’s 40th (it doesn’t seem possible that its nearly a year since I wrote about my 40th and here!!).  Her Husband, Matt, had arranged for a meal at the Shuttleworth Collection.  We had the conservatory to ourselves which was lovely .

The tables all had little packets of love hearts.

After a lovely meal it was time for the cake.

Matt lit the 40 sparklers,


but the flowers on the top were silk and soon the cake was on fire!!


after various attempts to extinguish the fire Matt carried it outside to burn itself out.


Thankfully only the top layer was affected.


Next we were all given tickets for the Swiss gardens which even in winter were beautiful

with little houses and huts tucked here and there,

one with an amazing ceiling crafted from pine cones,

a little greenhouse with stained glass windows, a domed roof and rocky entrance and exit,

bridges and windy paths,

and a rather camera shy peacock!


I managed to get some lovely pics of Abi and her boyfriend.

Then we were taken on a tour of the collection.

It was mostly old planes, some looking far too dangerous to fly and yet all except two out of 6 large hangers are still flown!!

There were also a few cars and bikes, a bus and a charabanc (an open topped bus)!

It was just lovely to have time to spend to together especially as it is their boy who has the cancer.

A cheery pic to finish with, spring really is on the way!


I hope you are all having a lovely and creative week.

Sharon xx

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Vintage Embroidery

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and if you have children in the UK, a great half-term holiday.  I have some bits to share with you about that later in the week but for now I just have a few photos to share of some embroidery that my Grandma did.


I love this tablecloth and I can picture it now on a little tea table in her lounge.

When I asked Mum if I could borrow the tablecloth she also sent round the cloth I had embroidered for Mum and Dad’s 25th wedding anniversary so I thought I would share a couple of pics of that too.


Do you have anything special that was made years ago?

I hope you all have a lovely and I hope to be back soon with a general newsy post.

Happy Crafting

Sharon xx

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A Very Special early Birthday Present and Pond Dipping…

Abi will soon be Eighteen and Josh decided to make her a very special early birthday present.  He asked Hubby for some left over pond lining, got busy with his spade and went to the house locally that sells plants.  He gave Abi strict instructions not to look when he was busy and carefully covered it over each time he left it.  On Saturday he revealed the result…


A wildlife area with a pond surrounded by new plants.


Yesterday Abi drove Josh to a pond we know of for some pond dipping.


They came back with several tadpoles, a fish and some other shrimp like thing!  Some are now living in the new pond.


and some are indoors for now while Josh watches them develop.


Abi was absolutely thrilled with her surprise early gift.

I have some secret makes in mind but it is proving rather difficult to get on with them as Abi is now on study leave and is about a lot more!

Have a great week and Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx

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All Sorts!

Firstly for those of you who may be wondering, our water came back on Monday late afternoon.  Josh was pleased to get a day off school. Two days without water soon makes you appreciate being able to just turn a tap or flush the toilet!


I had meant to show you our blossom but somehow it just didn’t happen.  It was beautiful while it lasted.


Josh has recently started to walk home from school on his own.  He has wanted to for sometime but we have skirted the issue for a while.  It is hard letting go, giving him that first little bit of complete independence!  To me, he is still my baby, the little one we prayed for for seven years, that little brother for Abi.


I think the extra responsibility has made him feel more grown up.  He has been extra thoughtful and helpful at home.  The first Tuesday he made me want to cry.  He asked if he could take some money to school on Wednesday as he wanted to buy something on the way home.  I groaned inwardly thinking ‘here we go, sweet shop trips already!!’  I asked him what for and he replied ‘there is a man selling plants from his garden on the way home and I wanted to buy one for you!’  Next morning as he said goodbye he reminded me, ‘don’t forget that I might be a bit late home this afternoon, you will remember won’t you, I don’t want you to get worried’.  He came home with these. 🙂

IMG_1924 IMG_1926

Then Thursday afternoon he arrived home with some runner bean plants for Daddy!


He was complaining this morning that he hasn’t yet walked in the rain, well, with tomorrow’s forecast being for wet weather we shall see if he enjoys it as much as he thinks he will.  He always has been one to want to play out in the rain so maybe he really will enjoy it.

With my spinning, I have finished my 2 colours and plyed them together.  Then of course I couldn’t wait to use it so I hope to have a tada post soon 🙂


I have also been up-cycling and re-purposing and hopefully next week I shall be able to show you that too.  I am really pleased so far.

I have finished my monthly challenge make for Josh and I love it.  It used up some scraps which is always good.  More about that at the end of the month.


Abi finishes her textile coursework at the end of the week so I am looking forward to her having a bit more free time for some girly crafting sessions (and also getting the dining table back).


The garden is really springing to life.  Hubby thinned out the radishes and there were several big enough to eat 🙂


Josh’s gourds were growing like crazy indoors, so they are now outside.


We are really hopeful that we will get some fruit on them so that we can make things with them.  We will need some patience though as from what I have read I think they will need to dry out for several months.  Maybe this time next year if all goes well.

The blue tits are busy backwards and forwards with food for their babies.


You can just see one on the left.

We have also had a Mummy and Daddy blackbird, first collecting twigs, then worms and now they bring their babies into the garden and feed them. (You can just see them on the playhouse roof.)


Yesterday evening when Hubby was outside the Daddy blackbird was kicking up a din and the gulls and crows were circling.  A while later a sparrowhawk dive bombed Hubby.  Later the gulls, rooks and crows were all circling it and trying to see him off.  The tits are still feeding today and the Daddy blackbird has been in feeding the babies but no sign of Mummy so we are hoping she wasn’t caught.  I know the sparrowhawk probably has its own babies to feed but I don’t like to think of it taking ‘our’ birds!


Also along the ‘nature’ lines, Josh has used his pocket money to buy a live mouse trap.  We regularly get mice in the garden.  He set it last night and caught a very cute little mouse.  He has made a temporary home for it in his old stick insect vivarium.  He is going to study it for a day before setting it free somewhere else.


I was just about to hit publish when Abi came home – wet through!!  She had had to go to Eastbourne and had decided to have a swim in the sea while she was there, fully clothed.  She had even got her hair wet!! The madness of youth 🙂

Hopefully I shall be back soon with my latest crafting makes.

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx

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