So Cute! 

I wrote this post last year and I’ve just realised that it’s still a draft and not published…oops!! 

Hi, just a quick ps from my last post. I had meant to show you this gorgeous owl that I won in the giveaway hosted by the lovely . 

She had knitted her and she’s just the softest, cutest bit of knitting and just perfect for our house as with Abz being an owl lover, she’ll have plenty of company. Thanks so much Cathy! 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend friends! 

Sharon xx


Ravelry Pattern Giveaway

After my Thank You All post looking back over my first year of Blogging, I have used the random number generator to take two names from the comments to gift a Ravelry Pattern to.

The numbers were 13….. Lorraine

and number 4 ….. Ericka Eckles!!

Isn’t that just so funny?  After writing in my post thanking you all for your support over the past year and also Ericka for the stocking which she sent me to thank me for the comments on her blog, Ericka has now won the thank you gift from me!

Congratulations Ladies, just send me an email at with a link to the pattern you would like up to the value of £5 and the email address you would like it to be sent to and I shall get that organised.

Thank you all again for your support over the past year.

Sharon xx

Thank You All!

I received this gorgeous handmade, hand embroidered stocking in the post just before Christmas.  It was from Ericka at the Ericka Eckles blog.


I was just so touched by Ericka’s kindness.  She had a giveaway that I had entered and she had picked the two winners,  I was disappointed to find that I was not one of them but then, as I scrolled on down the post, I came to my name and she was also sending one to me for all my kind comments over the year.  I felt a bit overwhelmed to be honest, it was just so kind of her.  I love Ericka’s blog as I do many others and I was pleased to know that my comments were encouraging someone.

So as it will be a year this month since I posted my first blog post, I wanted to say a huge thank you to each and everyone of you have taken the time to visit my little space, read my posts and like or comment.  I would like to especially thank those of you who have taken the time to comment.  Time is precious but those comments are so encouraging and often what keeps us blogging. It is great to hear your opinion, have a chat and generally get to know you all.  I feel that over the year I have made some real friends.

So finally, as a thank you, I will be gifting two people with Ravelry Patterns, up to the value of five British pounds each.  All you need to do is  to comment on this post and your name will be entered into a draw.  I will keep it open until Friday 15th January.

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon x

Giveaway Winners!!!

It’s time to announce the two winner of the giveaways.  It was fun reading all your cat name ideas.  Josh thought that all of the names were really good and he had a really hard time choosing,  so much so that he has asked me not to ask him to choose again as he doesn’t want people to be disappointed if they don’t win!!

For the yarny winner he chose Whiskers as suggested by SEWCHET .  He said that he liked it because sewchet had thought about the name, choosing Whiskers because of his ‘incident’ with the whisk.


For the fabric winner he chose Sonic as suggested by BETH from After Dark Sewing.  There were a lot more entries for the sewing giveaway and he really spent a long time deliberating.  There were other names he said he knew people had really thought about but this time he just loved the name Sonic!


Well done ladies, enjoy!! If you could please email me with your address details and I will get the goodies posted out to you as soon as possible. (

Sorry to all those of you who didn’t win.  Hopefully there will be another time 🙂

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx

GIVEAWAY!!! Goodies from Portsmouth!

During Hubby’s time off we were able to unexpectedly get away for a couple of nights to Portsmouth.  For those of you who haven’t been there, there is the Harbour with a lot of sailing boats and also military boats


and the Historic Dockyard with old boats such as the Mary Rose and Victory to view/tour,


museums and boat tours.  We had a one year all inclusive ticket a couple of years ago and loved it there so much that we decided to return.

We didn’t do the Historic bit this time but instead we went up the Spinnaker Tower


where we enjoyed the views,



had coffee ad 105 metres,


and walked, crawled, lay and jumped on the glass floor!!

SAM_106503 SAM_102526 SAM_101825  SAM_100823SAM_101324

We also ate loads of lovely food, opting for a large late breakfast and missing lunch.

SAM_096211 SAM_093404 SAM_093303

A day trip to the Isle of Wight was also amazing, on arrival we alighted at the far end of this long pier


we had fun on the beach



and ate more food!!

SAM_098517 SAM_094006

Another big attraction is the Gunwharf Quays Outlet shopping Mall.  This is a large outlet mall with lots of designer shops. I think Abi enjoys that bit the most and Josh the least and this is the one place where Hubby will actually shop! Anyway, there is a Cath Kidston shop there plus other great shops so I came back with some goodies, not just for myself but to share with you.

There are two giveaways.  One for the yarn lovers and the other for the sewers!

Firstly the yarny one. I bought myself this book


and loved it so much that I went back the next day for one to give away.  There is also this Cath Kidston fabric ‘project basket’


and two balls of Debbie Bliss yarn.

SAM_122930 SAM_122829


For those of you who prefer sewing there is a half metre of this Cath Kidston fabric,


this pack of five Kirsty Allsopp fat quarters


and some pretty buttons.


There will also be a little surprise in each one.

So many of you are cat lovers so I have decided that to win you need to think of a name for a cat, bearing in mind that Josh will choose his two favourites for the winners!  If you haven’t been with me for long then check out thisthis and this post to get an insight into Josh’s character.   Just leave a comment to say which giveaway you would like to enter and the cat name of your choice.  If you follow my blog (it doesn’t matter how recently) if you leave a second message I will enter you a second time or else enter you for both, whichever you prefer!

Have fun coming up with a name!! he Giveaway will run  from Saturday 22nd August until Tuesday 1st September.  🙂

Happy Crafting

Sharon xx

Back to Normal???..

Well, Hubby is back at work and things are supposed to be back to ‘normal’ holiday mode here and instead I am in bed with a rotten cold and a high temperature!

Abi has been great, hanging washing out and generally helping while Josh has been in full creativity mode! I did venture downstairs earlier to make sure that Josh had a decent lunch and had to close my eyes to the mess!  Josh and Abi are both true creatives and work best in a mess, this time it just happens to be in the lounge, spilling into the kitchen and out to the garden :-). Still I mustn’t complain as he has been so good occupying himself today.

I have tried to catch up a bit with all the posts I missed while we had our holiday at home (oh, we did get a last minute three days to Portsmouth too where I got several goodies at Gunwharf Quays’ amazing outlet mall and I have some bits to share with a giveaway soon)!  Anyhow, I have been catching up but forgive me if any comments are a bit crazy as I am really not very with it right now.

Before I go, I promised to show a picture of Josh’s ‘big’ fish …


he is fantastic at handling them, they are so calm with him.

If you are really pleased with your catch you can always hug it!!!


Sometimes though I think you can get a bit too pleased!!


Have a great week.  I have some new wips to share this week if I am well enough to get some photos and there is going to be a plea for help coming up soon too.  Until then, Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx

I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment.  I will try to reply as soon as possible. x