I’m Back and Needing to Pick your Brains! 

I feel as though I’ve really neglected this little space lately, I have good intentions of weekly posts but they just don’t happen. ☹️ I love the friendliness here and I always feel bad when I neglect you all. So here I am. 

Last time I spoke about my next knitting project which I plan to take on holiday in the summer. I know it’s ages away but I’m kind of excited now we have our tent 😀.  I had a request for some sets of seven coordinating skeins for ‘find your fade’ shawls so while I was experimenting I chose a set to keep for myself. What do you think? 

These are the other colourways I created. This one…

And then this one with skeins that are more shaded than variegated. 

Then another variegated set in earth tones 

And finally a rainbow set but I only have a photo of this dying atm! 

These sets were such fun to create! 

I hope you’re all enjoying some beautiful spring/autumn weather. We’ve had some gorgeous days here recently, just like a cool summer day! 

Thanks for all your encouragement for Abi in her new role at work. This is where I need to pick your brains! She’s hoping to hold a garden party in the summer and she was wondering if you had any ideas of things she could do? She’s needing ideas of things she can make with the residents (all with some form of dementia so they can’t be complicated ideas) and then she hopes to sell these at the garden party. She’s also looking for ideas of what else to have at the party, again things with minimal outlay. Any funds raised she then gets to use in the future to fund activities with the residents. 

Abi’s loving her new role by the way. She gets the best of both worlds, caring and using her creativity! Both of the owners have separately complimented her when they’ve been in and apparently they never complimen , so that’s been a huge encouragement to her. She’s done all sorts of crafts, baking, gardening, music etc. She’s also hoping to get volunteers in the local community to come in and do things with the residents such as playing instruments, the local school children to visit etc. Again, any ideas most welcome😀

I hope that all of you in England have a wonderful bank holiday weekend and I wish everyone else a beautiful weekend too. Happy crafting! 

Sharon xx


Wips and Ideas…

Things have been pretty busy round here with birthday preparations but I just wanted to pop by with a few pics of my wips.  Firstly my spinning.  I have started spinning my fourth lot of yarn and I am enjoying it as much as ever.  I have chosen these two colours.


I have already spun these two, I spun a strip of the grey followed by a strip of blue until I had spun it all.


I have now moved onto these two colours, navy and teal.


When they are both finished I hope to ply the two yarns together to give a multi coloured effect.  It is rather slow going only doing a little at a time but with so much else on the go it doesn’t really worry me.

I am spinning it quite fine and I am really pleased with how even I am now managing to get the yarn.


Here it is next to some no8 crochet thread.  I am hoping there will be enough this time for a lacey shawlette.

I have hardly touched my patchwork hexies lately but they are great to have nearby to do an odd one in a spare moment.


I am nearly halfway through my monthly challenge makes for the children,

but I’m not sure what I shall be making for Me/the Home this month.

I have made the fronts of the cushions I am making with the leftover squares from my owl and flower granny blanket and have started on the backs.


The embroidery on the aprons for the bunny/mice Pj cases is coming along little by little.  I have to do these in daylight as my eyes are no longer good enough to do detail stitching in the evenings 😦


But all of this has been on the back burner this week as I have been busy making bits for Abi’s 18th.  There has been a bit of crochet, including a new pattern to share with you.  I have been busy with my machine on two other gifts and also added a little hand quilting and I have some embroidery not yet started.


I have also been trying to finish the felted picture I am making for my Mum.  Here is a little peek at one of the beginning stages.


Now for the ideas!  Well, I have so many ideas of things I would like to make so I will just tell you about the ones I am hoping to get on with in the next few weeks.

I would love to make some more project bags (now, why ever I would need more?!!).  I can’t see a pattern that is quite what I am looking for so I shall be combining one or two styles and attempting my own pattern.

I started my spiral blanket but after several rows it got frogged, I just wasn’t happy with it, I’m not sure why, I think it just seemed a bit flat. Here is what it looked like.


So, when I couldn’t sleep one night I lay and thought of all sorts of blankets I have seen and nearly settled for another round ripple when I had a fantastic idea, or at least I absolutely love the idea!  This is where I tease you because I want to get a bit further with it before I show you but here is the tiniest peek.


I know, not much of a clue there but I will try and show you more soon when I have the first trial bit done. It is something I have never seen done before for a crochet blanket but I am sure someone, somewhere, has done it already.

While I was planning in my crafty notebook I came across this note from Abi…


It made me smile.  (Nunars is a nickname I somehow acquired in our courting days!)

My other idea is for a sewing/project book.  I have seen a couple recently but they don’t have quite what I am looking for so the creative brain cells will be getting another workout on a pattern for this one 🙂

Phew, well I must get going, I have a cake to ice, one gift not even started and three more to finish, not to mention Mum’s picture to finish!

What are you up to? Are you a little crazy like me with several wips or are you more organised and like to finish one thing at a time?

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx

WIP’s and Crafting on!

A Shawl with gorgeously soft yarn, a little crochet purse, a blanket, and way too many ideas in my head to list here.  Are any of you the same?  do you have more than one thing on the go or are you more methodical and complete one item before moving on to the next?


I like to have something easy to pick up when I am tired and also something a bit  more challenging on the go.  Since I have started blogging and pinning I have seen so many fantastic ideas.  My head and notebook are full of ideas and I keep finding more.  I guess this is good in a way because I am trying to make as many gifts as I can this year (and that’s a lot of making!)  but this also means that I am putting my owl and flower granny blanket to one side again and again.  I love this blanket but just don’t seem to be getting it done – as you had probably gathered already!! – It sits in its bag and hardly gets touched from one week to the next, there is always something just a bit more exciting or with a deadline to be done.

After reading Nicoles post about Keep calm and Craft on I decided to join in and share what I have on the go at the moment.  I am hoping that perhaps this will make me get on and get them finished!


I only started the purse today but that is for a birthday I had overlooked next week..Not sure how it will turn out as I have never used a clasp like this before an I don’t have a pattern.  Maybe rather silly with only a week to go, or maybe just completely mad???  so this will have to be a priority!


The shawl (click here for pattern) is for a wedding, next week too but I am waiting for more yarn to arrive.  It hasn’t worked up as long as I thought it would, it is one of those patterns where you can decide how long you want to keep going before adding the border.  Anyhow, what I bought initially was discounted and that was all there was in the shop but I have found some the same on ebay and I am just hoping that the dye lot is  not too different.  It will be used for the border so hopefully any difference won’t show too much!

Abi has asked me to make a necklace for one of her friends, also for next week.  She is so, so, busy with coursework, so she hasn’t got the time to do it herself so I shall really enjoy being able to help her.  I’m looking forward to getting my beads out again, I’m just hoping I can get it all done!!

aagh, and I still haven’t started the children’s stocking pressies 😦

So what are your WIP’s and do you have several or like me, one that you keep pushing to the back of the queue?

Happy Crafting All.!! x

One (Or Three) A Month Challenge – January

I just made it!!!

As some of you will know, inspired by Jennifer over at thistlebear I set myself the challenge of completing one ‘Me’ project a month.  (I start things for myself or the home but there always seems to be something with a deadline pushing its way in front.)  I also decided I would like to try to complete one stocking present for Abi and Josh a month. This last Christmas I had so many ideas but then had so little time after I had finished making all the other presents that I had to scrabble around to get a couple of bits made at the last minute.

Well, here I am with my first month’s projects complete!!

For Abi the 3d needle felted Owls


And for Josh the 3d needle felted tiger!!


And I actually managed to complete 3 ‘Me’ projects

The shawl  –  It is so gorgeously soft!!


The ‘Count Your Blessing’ Jar


and the decopatch frames.  (These are waiting for some nice photos to go inside them).


I have really enjoyed this challenge, it has kept me more focused and I have also found time to make a couple of gifts as well.  I have finished the present I was making for Hubby, I’m hoping to share some photos soon.

Happy Crafting!! xx

2015 Time to share!!


Hi.  I have been reading and getting ideas from Blogs and Pinterest for several months now.  I love reading about and getting inspiration from what others are creating and also hearing about the everyday joys of life in their homes and families.  I have got so much from these blogs that I thought it was time I stopped just taking and started giving. Some of favourites are http://www.thistlebearhome.com/ , http://bunnymummy-jacquie.blogspot.com/ , http://frugalandthankful.blogspot.com/ ( I love hearing about the new twins), http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/ , http://www.talesfromahappyhouse.com . I don’t think I am very interesting but I hope that perhaps sharing some of the things I am making may inspire others the way you have me.

My name is Sharon and I am still just the right side of forty!!.  I live in the South East of England fairly near the sea and the South Downs.  I am blessed with a lovely family.  Hubby – Howard, Daughter aged 17 – Abi and a 10 year old boy – Josh.  We are all fairly creative in different ways so hopefully more about that as time goes on.

(I love my family, I love crochet, I love making things, I love sewing and fabric – all those gorgeous patterns – and general crafts as well as baking.  Oh – and not to forget – I Love a bargain!!!

I get so much pleasure out of giving away what I make and this year – oops, I mean last year – I managed to make several Christmas presents but had a bit of a last minute rush to complete the bits for the children’s stockings that I had left until last. So this year the plan is to get started earlier but…first I have resolved to have January as a ME month.  (or more or less – yes that resolve is slipping already – Hubby reaches the big 40 at the beginning of Feb and I have a couple of ideas for Him!)


This is one of my ME projects.  You know the ones?!  When something with a deadline takes over and it goes to the bottom of the to do pile.  This granny blanket has sat there for over a year now! It has 3d flowers in the centre of some squares and owls in the centre of others.  I have completed most of the flower squares and the owls just need crocheted eyes, then buttons in the centre of those, feet and beaks!  and then of course the joy of joining them all together. (one row joined so far)!  I’m also debating whether or not to join with a pale blue instead of the cream as I am now introducing blue into our colour scheme with another of my WIP’s! (below)


Abi bought these for me at the stitch and knit show 2013 and gave them to me that Christmas.  I painted them red but did’t like it so I painted over with brown but still I wasn’t happy with them! They have been in the WIP’s pile waiting for inspiration.  But …..


… I have finally found what I think I need to make these frames work.  This decopatch paper just popped out at me in Hobbycraft yesterday.  (Along with rather a lot of other items – oops)!! I am thinking of adding  just sections of this paper overlapping the corners and sides?


Abi also gave me these gorgeous buttons with the frames,
which will hopefully add the finishing touches!!

Anyhow, I think it is time for me to go now before you get totally bored – if you even got this far.  I will hopefully be back soon.