I’m Back and Needing to Pick your Brains! 

I feel as though I’ve really neglected this little space lately, I have good intentions of weekly posts but they just don’t happen. ☹️ I love the friendliness here and I always feel bad when I neglect you all. So here I am. 

Last time I spoke about my next knitting project which I plan to take on holiday in the summer. I know it’s ages away but I’m kind of excited now we have our tent 😀.  I had a request for some sets of seven coordinating skeins for ‘find your fade’ shawls so while I was experimenting I chose a set to keep for myself. What do you think? 

These are the other colourways I created. This one…

And then this one with skeins that are more shaded than variegated. 

Then another variegated set in earth tones 

And finally a rainbow set but I only have a photo of this dying atm! 

These sets were such fun to create! 

I hope you’re all enjoying some beautiful spring/autumn weather. We’ve had some gorgeous days here recently, just like a cool summer day! 

Thanks for all your encouragement for Abi in her new role at work. This is where I need to pick your brains! She’s hoping to hold a garden party in the summer and she was wondering if you had any ideas of things she could do? She’s needing ideas of things she can make with the residents (all with some form of dementia so they can’t be complicated ideas) and then she hopes to sell these at the garden party. She’s also looking for ideas of what else to have at the party, again things with minimal outlay. Any funds raised she then gets to use in the future to fund activities with the residents. 

Abi’s loving her new role by the way. She gets the best of both worlds, caring and using her creativity! Both of the owners have separately complimented her when they’ve been in and apparently they never complimen , so that’s been a huge encouragement to her. She’s done all sorts of crafts, baking, gardening, music etc. She’s also hoping to get volunteers in the local community to come in and do things with the residents such as playing instruments, the local school children to visit etc. Again, any ideas most welcome😀

I hope that all of you in England have a wonderful bank holiday weekend and I wish everyone else a beautiful weekend too. Happy crafting! 

Sharon xx


My First Felted Picture!


Well, I have finished the felted picture I was making for my Mum and I loved every minute of making it. This is one of those things that Abi has done, I have supervised Josh with but never done myself. I think I still have ever such a lot to learn and could improve a lot more but for a first attempt I am really happy with it.

I started by laying out a base layer of wool tops on top of some bubble wrap with a towel underneath.  I layered it up first in one direction and then the opposite direction.  For this base layer I used some natural wool – Herdwick – we had left from one of Abi’s college projects.  I would not use this again as a base layer as it had some very coarse white hairs in it and as I felted the piece these came through to the top.


I had decided on a scene with hills, river and a rainbow so next I added the greens and blues for the background.


I mixed colours together to get the shades I wanted by carding them with two dog brushes!

Then I added in a rainbow, (I have always loved rainbows, every time it rains when the sun is shining I rush to look for the rainbow.)


and some poppies and wheat in the foreground.


I covered it with dress net, wet it with soapy water and rubbed it with a scrunched up carrier bag to felt it.


(Once it was more stable I used a car buffer to continue the felting process as my hands and shoulders won’t take too much vigorous work but I forgot to take a photo at that stage!)

I then rinsed and dried it.  At this point it was looking very flat.


so I added some stitching detail


and did some needle felting on it to give it more depth.


lastly I added a Bible verse ‘He is faithful that promised’.  I chose this verse because the day Mum and Dad returned from their holiday last year there was a beautiful rainbow.  Five days later Dad passed away after having had a massive stroke.  In the Bible the rainbow is not only the sign of promise God gave to Noah but also an eternal promise to all his people and I have always felt that it was sent for Mum as a promise that God would be with her in all that was ahead.


I would love to do another felted picture sometime soon.  It is so satisfying and easier than you would think.  I love the way that you can ‘paint’ a picture with fibres.

I hope you all have a lovely week.  I am hoping to have the first section of my new crochet blanket to show you soon.

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx

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More Blanket Madness!

Sometime ago I told you about all the blankets I have the yarn for!  Well today I finally finished and blocked my Rainbow Ripple  Blanket.  I used this pattern by Celeste Young on Ravelry.  Here she is!


I loved every minute of hooking this blanket.  Once the first few rows are done and the pattern set it is a doddle, one of those projects for the evenings or tired moments.  I did digress from the pattern a little and did all rows with the same increases rather than a smaller increase every few rows because I found that that just made it too small and the edges started to curl.

It is to be a baby blanket so I kept it fairly small but still big enough to last a few years. .  I wanted to move away from the typical soft baby colours because I hope that this will be used into toddlerdom and beyond.


I used Sirdar Hayfield Bonus Dk.  This is a value yarn but is still soft and wears well, very similar to the Stylecraft Special Dk.  The colours I used were yellow – 957, bright purple (it’s a bit dark in the pics) – 828, iced pink 958, white – 961, Cerise – 984, Aspen 1422.


I am really pleased with the finished result and even have enough for another blanket.  Now I just need one of my four expectant relatives to have a baby girl 🙂


So with my second blanket finished I have already made a start on the next, my spiral blanket.  I will try and get some pics and post my wips next week, although some of them will have to remain secret until after Abi’s birthday, I am really pleased with the pressie I finished today!

Have a great weekend and Happy Crafting

Sharon xx

I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment.  I will try to reply as soon as possible. x