Am I Crazy? 

Right now I’m sitting here with my crochet and Tilly on my lap and a porta potty that has been delivered sitting on the lounge floor debating my sanity! Why? We have bought a tent and hope to start camping. 

Maybe that doesn’t sound too crazy to you but some of you will know that I have systemic lupus and fibromyalgia among other chronic illnesses,which between them, considerably restrict my mobility. I also have raynauds and poor circulation, so I really feel the cold. Now are you starting see the craziness? 

For the last couple of years we haven’t been able to afford a holiday away and Hubby and Josh have wanted to camp for a while but I’ve always thrown a damper on the idea saying I just couldn’t do it. Finally in February I caved and agreed that if they did all the work, I  had a comfortable bed off the floor, a comfy chair and a heater I’d do it. Well Hubs has gone one better and bought me a camping electric blanket. (We’re not so serious about camping as to not have electricity and besides I need to charge my mobility scooter :D). So, anyway, we took the plunge, borrowed some money and have got a really good tent that we’re hoping will last us through Josh’s ten years

I don’t know what you think when you think of camping negatives but to me, apart from lack of comfort and being cold, it’s scrabbling around crouched over in the tent, all cramped up and on top of one another. With Hubs being over six foot tall and not liking being crowded I really did start to feel slightly (or totally) crazy. 

Oh yes, another problem would be putting it up as Abi being older won’t always be with us and me trying to help with my stick in one hand and rubbish balance would have been, well, let’s say, very amusing for the other campers! 

But… when we started looking, it’s just incredible what you can buy.  So we purchased a nine man inflatable display tent. Inflatable!!! Ok, so I’m wondering how many of you are thinking bouncy castle right now ūüėČ

What it is, instead of having poles you have inflatable tubes, about six inch diameter which blow up rigid like a bike tyre. So to erect the tent you just peg out the base and inflate the six tubes then peg out the guy ropes. The man at the shop said Josh would even be able to do it on his own. (Crack open the wine Howard ;-))

We’ve gone big, BIG. Hubs can stand up in it, it has three bedrooms and an extra pod for a fourth although, where they would put two in a room and three in the main bedroom we would only have one in the smaller rooms as it would be rather like playing sardines otherwise!. (Did you ever play that as kids? We loved it.) 

So after all that waffle, what does it  look like? 

Here it is all set up at Camping Works in Horsham. The first window is the awning section, the second and third the living area and the back section without windows, the bedrooms. 

Front view, it looks as though Hubby may just have to duck his head to get in the doorway. 

And two of the three bedrooms across the back of the tent with storage pockets between the rooms.

And looking back from the bedrooms to the entrance.

Yes, it really is a biggy! In fact it has a 4.4 metre by 8 metre footprint. 

So, have we booked anywhere? Yes, and we’re so looking forward to it. We hope to do a trial run in May to Chichester and then two weeks in August to East Runton in Norfolk. And, what is really fun, Howard put out a message on his family What’s app group asking if anyone fancied joining us camping in August not really expecting anyone to come but they’ve all decided to come for at least a couple of days. One of his sister’s is borrowing her in-laws caravan and coming for the two weeks, his brother, camping for a week (three little kids and no electric, proper camping!) and his other sister for four days and his parents have booked a b and b for two days. We should all be together for those two days except Abi and Paul as they’ll have to be back before the last of them arrive. And get this… We are all within four pitches of each other. I’m thinking there will be a lot of laughter as time with Hubby’ s family is always such fun. 

Now, I was also going to talk about what project I have planned for the May break but I’ve waffled for way too long so I’ll be back soon to chat about that. I’ll just say that it involved lots of dyeing experimentation. 

Have an amazing and creative week friends, 

Sharon xx


Another Mile On The Clock!

Well folks, I’m a year older and it was a lovely couple of days transition!
On Saturday Hubby took me out shopping. That may not sound very exciting, but believe me, to get him and Josh anywhere near the shops is an achievement, let alone traipse and after me for three hours!
We went to Lewes which isn’t too far from us but I had never been there before. It was lovely. It’s an old town with a very steep hill (I whizzed around on my scooter) and I could easily spend a day there just absorbing all the history. I found this plaque particularly interesting.

It was on the wall above this plate of glass set in the pavement where the steps lead down to the prison. You would have to lay down to fit through the opening halfway down the steps.

As well as the history there were a couple of street stalls, one selling ethically made clothing which was all on sale so I grabbed a couple of bargains ūüôā

Then Hubby actually pointed out a craft shop to me and patiently waited while I browsed! 

It had a little of everything from art supplies to yarn and buttons. And I spent less than ten pounds!! 

Then it was lunch time but the town was heaving and everywhere was packed so we headed off to another town to find a bakery. When we got there the bakers were just closing so we opted for fish and chips. 

It was one of those times when there is a purpose to our plans going wrong. In the chip ago we bumped into’Aunty’ Helen. She isn’t a real Aunty but she was Howard’s neighbor for the first seventeen years of his life. They are the most amazing and kind couple and did so much for Hubby and his sister when their Mum died leaving his Dad with two preschoolers.  They looked after them for hours  at a time and were always there for the family throughout the years.

It was great to see her and she invited us to eat at their house and to visit her husband, Derek, who had fallen and fractured his scull out in Australia over Christmas! He had to spend six weeks in hospital and rehab. At one point they were told that if he didn’t come round in 24 hours, he wouldn’t make it. Thankfully he did and is doing amazingly well, although there are some lasting effects he is struggling with! 

Derek is the sort of person who cannot waste anything and Josh is fascinated with his garden! 

He used to have disabled children come for the afternoon to explore and play in his garden and see the animals but sadly that has had to stop because of health and safety! 

But he still has one sheep left which according to Josh is more like a donkey! 

So that was our adventure at the weekend. 

On Monday, my actual birthday, Abz treated me out to a coffee. We tried out an adorable little cafe in a little old fashioned village store.

I pigged with pancakes, maple syrup and fried banana! 

Then we rounded up  day with Abz cooking me dinner and a lovely creme egg brownie birthday cake! 

It’s so beautiful when everyone makes you feel so special and loved. It is certainly in the little things that love really is! 

Have a great and creative day and weekend friends! 

Sharon xx

A Girly Morning and Lots of Yarn!

My birthday was over a week ago and I am still being spolied – I think I rather like being 40!


Abi was off yesterday and as her college work pressures have eased a bit she took me down to Eastbourne with her.  I love Eastbourne, I grew up nearby and have many many happy memories there.

First we went into the town and traipsed round the charity shops looking for bargains and wedding dresses. ¬†No, no one is getting married, it is all to do with Abi’s textile work. ¬†Even in charity shops the price is horrendous. ¬†I know someone would have paid hundreds for the dress¬†in the first place but they were nearly all between two and three hundred pounds! ¬†We were starting to think we would have to give up when we spotted an evening gown rail and amongst those was a dress that will be suitable for her to work with for only ¬£20!

We found a couple of other things too, I am particulary pleased with this skirt.

IMG_9911426 IMG_9910425

It is a size 6 so there is no way that it will be going round my waist!  But I fell in love with the fabric so it has come home to be chopped and made into someday!

Then we went to look at yarn!  I loved all the Debbie Bliss yarns, it was so soft, but then decided to go with the Patons, it was equally soft but £1 less a ball.  Even with all my birthday money there is still that in me that likes to get the best for my money that I can.


At the till I spotted this…


It was so different so that went into the basket too!! They really do know how to get me! So I got some Debbie Bliss after all, but at half the price.

When we had finished shopping, we went down to the seafront.  The sea was a beautiful blue, it was incredibly calm and the sun sparkled on the water.


We walked/scooted up to the Wish Tower.


The old restaurant has been replaced by a much smaller one but there are two large decked areas now where you can eat and enjoy the sea view.


Abi wanted to treat me for my birthday so we had hot chocolates and some scrummy food.

IMG_9835 IMG_9816

We were amazed at how reasonable it was Рall of this for under £10!


I loved the over-sized biscuits.


We relaxed and watched the world go by.  This gorgeous little one was picking daisys for her Mummy.


Then onto Hobbycraft for more yarny ogling and birthday money spending!

They have a new Women’s Institute range exclusive to Hobbycraft and I was really impressed with it. ¬†They have a soft and silky range which felt as soft as the cashmerino in the previous shop. The big difference being that it was only ¬£2.70 for twice the amount (100g) and on a buy 2 get 1 free basis. ¬† I¬†presume this was because it is acrylic but it was far superior to other acrylics I have tried.


I have had a colour pallet in my head since I read this post by Little Wooly. ¬†I loved the colours of the Dahlias. There were not a lot of colours in the range but I chose these five and bought 3 of each colour, hopefully enough for a blanket. ¬†They just make me feel happy, they make me think of summer, flowers, ice cream etc. ¬†I know it’s hardly even spring yet but it will probably be summer before I get to starting it anyway!!

I’ve got lots of soft toys to pack (more about that soon) so bye for now.

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx (most of the Eastbourne photos were taken by Abi).

Good intentions out of the window already!!

Hello again.

After a couple of busy days trying to get straight after Christmas I managed to get down to some crochet. ¬†I had¬†good intentions at the beginning of the week to make January a ‘Me’ month and work on my flower/owl granny blanket….then I remembered the ear warmers and boot cuffs!! ¬†I had made these bright ones for Abi’s stocking but ran out of time to make the neutral ones.


They are made from chunky yarn.  I have fallen in love with chunky yarn this winter, it is so quick to work up.  The boot cuffs are made using this pattern and adapted for the chunky yarn.  I then used the pattern from the top of the cuffs to make a headband with a flower from the Party Artisan.

I used the same pattern again for the neutral cuffs and took the ear warmer from this pattern on Sadies basket, but used trebles (US doubles).


The chunky yarn meant they were soon completed!!

The weather has been a bit rough the last couple of days, yesterday I was out with Abi when we came across two floods, the first one she managed to drive through (She only passed her test 8 weeks ago so she did very well, I think she found it part scary and part exciting!!)  The second one she wisely turned back as there was a BMW stuck in the middle of it!! With all the rough weather it has been nice to be cosy indoors with my crochet!!

Abi¬†has¬†been¬†sale shopping!!!! ¬†She found this lovely skirt but it was a bit on the short side. ¬†She is a good kid, she knows I don’t like her skirts too short so if she falls in love with¬†a short one she brings it home with a Muuuuuum!!! ¬†College takes up all her spare time (She is studying Photography, Textiles and Business so some very coursework intense subjects – I’ll try and put some of her work up on here soon!) ¬†So, anyway, it was Mum’s job to lengthen it. I had some wide cream lace but it just wasn’t quite long enough so we dyed some white lace with tea and coffee and I stitched it on last night.


I think the lace adds to it and finishes it off, hopefully she will be pleased with it.

Well bye for now folks! ¬†Got to take Josh swimming soon and then hopefully I can start another ‘Me’ project this eve (one with a deadline so I won’t keep putting it to one side!)